(Still don’t believe me that we are considered cattle to be tagged, controlled, and held in chutes while we produce a revenue stream for the globalists and the rest of the world?  Wake Up Moos!!!)

In keeping with fascist Nazi Germany, can you say “Papers Please!”.  Students at Santa Fe High School are required to carry a school ID badge that tracks their movements on and off campus.

Full article here.

So America?  How do you feel about the people that are supposed to be teaching your children about freedom and liberty using fascist control and indoctrination methods?  Do you still think the Dept. of Education which was only established in 1979 is such a great idea? Who is funding the ID badges; the state or the feds?

How much more of this bullshit are we going to put up with, and why are those students still enrolled in that school? What happened to their parents?

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