Month: October 2010

‘End Of Liberty’ (Full Movie)

UPDATE #2: Okay Moos, it is all about being a revenue stream for the feds, the states, and the corporations. The looting must stop! UPDATE: I'm half way through and I consider this a must watch documentary! Check out the links at the bottom for more information on topics covered in the movie. It appears that National Inflation Association definitely has their heart in the right place when they release a new documentary and then put it up on YouTube. Remember, this Wednesday, the Fed's decision on more Quantitative Easing fiat money printing will be announced. As for this documentary;…
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Happy Halloween!!!!

Beck made the comment the other day about not believing that candidates for this election cycle have been campaigning for two whole years now.  A few of us saw what was coming after trying to educate a sleeping public about Chairman Zero, and the tragedy that was about to occur when he turned the country upside-down and shook it unmercifully.  After that election, we immediately took up the duty of waking up the giant and flipping this congress in the rapidly approaching mid-terms. Everybody is a little more than toasty around the edges; definitely deserving of a couple days off…
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