Rupert Murdoch Supports Amnesty (Globalist)

Maybe I missed the change in definition, but I think that if you enter the country illegally, you are NOT law-abiding.  Only a screamin’ globalist could make such a statement with a straight face.

Via CNS News:

Rupert Murdoch Calls for Amnesty for ‘Law-Abiding’ Illegal Immigrants

(–News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch said he supports amnesty for “law abiding” illegal immigrants because as legal residents they can help the nation’s economy by adding to “our tax base.” He also said he supports securing the border to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

At a hearing on Thursday before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Murdoch testified, “I joined Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg in organizing the Partnership for a New American Economy because I believe that all Americans should have a vital interest in fixing our broken immigration system so we can continue to compete in the 21st century global economy.”

“While supporting complete and proper closure of all our borders to future illegal immigrants, our partnership advocates reform that gives a path to citizenship for responsible, law-abiding immigrants who are in the U.S. today without proper authority,” said Murdoch, who was born in Australia and is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Translation: Illegal aliens that have entered the US criminally are really just people without proper authorization – so it’s okay to give them the gold star of citizenship instead of throwing their asses in jail and then deporting them.

The News Corp. CEO, whose company owns the Fox News Channel, further said it is fiscally unfeasible to deport the illegal immigrants who are already in the United States, which he estimated as totaling about 12 million people.

Rupert Murdoch’s views would be a main reason for people to lack trust in Fox News.  Is it any wonder people are questioning Glenn Beck’s motives?

“It is nonsense to talk of expelling 12 million people,” testified Murdoch. “Not only is it impractical, it is cost prohibitive.”

Murdoch cited a study that gauged “the price of mass deportation at $285 billion over five years,” which amounts to $57 billion per year, adding that “there are better ways to spend our money.”

Cost prohibitive?  AYFKM?, the American public is footing a $396 BILLION DOLLAR INTEREST BILL TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE THIS YEAR ALONE. Abolish the Fed and the IRS, and one would have more than enough cash to cover the expense of sending the criminals back to their countries of origin with oodles of cash to spare.

“A full path to legalization–requiring unauthorized immigrants (Editor’s Note: Criminals) to register, undergo a security check, pay taxes and learn English–would bring these immigrants out of a shadow economy and add to our tax base,” said Murdoch.

It doesn’t add to the tax base if they are not working or are working under the table.  It also will create a situation where more Americans continue to be unemployed or underemployed; therefore weakening the tax base even more. (Which, apparently, is the idea besides another factor stated below.)

Murdoch appears to want more people to be able to vote for the Democrats Progressive Globalist Party, and finish the absorption of the US into the United Nations framework.  Remember, he is a huge supporter of Globalist Hillary Clinton.  It has been almost amusing to watch the Obama fascists duke it out with the well-heeled globalists.  Only problem is that the average American is getting bloody during the tussle, and the moos still haven’t figured it out.

Hit the title link above to read the rest of the stupidity.

By Logistics Monster


  • californiapatriot -

    Who cares with what that piece of crap thinks. Who is he anyway? Did we elect him to something?

    It’s time to TURN OFF THE TV!

    • I care:
      Here is what this assclown owns – and do not tell me that his opinion and what he controls isn’t important to the globalists agenda? You absolutely have to understand who the enemy actually is.


      20th Century Fox
      Twentieth Century Fox Español
      Twentieth Century Fox International
      Twentieth Century Fox Television
      Fox Searchlight Pictures
      Fox Studios Australia
      Fox Studios Baja
      Fox Studios Los Angeles
      Fox Television Studios


      Broadcast/Production assets
      20th Century Fox Television
      20th Television
      Fox Broadcasting Company
      Fox International Channels Italy
      Fox Kids (1990–2002)
      Fox Sports Australia
      Fox Telecolombia
      Fox Television Stations
      Fox Television Studios
      Imedi TV
      Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija
      STAR TV
      TV5 Rīga
      Sky Television

      Cable Assets
      Big Ten Network (49%)
      Fox Business Network
      Fox College Sports
      Fox Movie Channel
      Fox News Channel
      Fox Soccer Channel
      Fox Sports Enterprises
      Fox Sports en Español
      Foxtel (25%) –
      Fox Sports Net
      FUEL TV
      FX Networks
      Fox Reality
      National Geographic Channel (50%)
      National Geographic Channel UK (50%)
      Speed Channel
      LAPTV (Latin America — co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/MGM Holdings and Universal Studios/NBC Universal)
      Telecine (Brazil — co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Universal Studios and DreamWorks);

      Direct broadcast satellite Assets
      BSkyB [United Kingdom] (39.1%)
      Sky Deutschland (39.96%)
      SKY Italia
      SKY Network Television [New Zealand] (43.65%)
      Foxtel [Australia] (25%)
      Star TV [India & Greater China] (100%)
      Tata Sky [India] (20%)


      Fox Interactive Media
      News Digital Media
      Slingshot Labs
      Authonomy via HarperCollins

      Magazines and Inserts

      donna hay
      News America Marketing

      Newspapers and Information Services

      United Kingdom
      News International
      The Sun
      News of the World
      The Times
      Sunday Times
      thelondonpaper (a free newspaper which closed in September 2009)

      News Limited
      The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
      The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)
      The Australian (national)
      The Weekend Australian (national)
      The Advertiser (Adelaide)
      Sunday Mail (Adelaide)
      The Sunday Times (Perth)
      Herald Sun (Melbourne)
      Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne)
      mX (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)
      The Courier-Mail (Brisbane)
      The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland)
      Geelong Advertiser
      Gold Coast Bulletin
      The Mercury and Sunday Tasmanian (Hobart)
      Northern Territory News (Darwin)
      The Sunday Territorian (Darwin)
      Australian Associated Press (45%)
      Cumberland Press and similar “Community” newspapers (large collection of local and suburban newspapers)
      Hornsby Advocate
      Papua New Guinea
      Papua New Guinea Post-Courier
      The Fiji Times

      United States
      New York Post
      Community Newspaper Group
      The Brooklyn Paper
      Courier-Life Publications
      TimesLedger Newspapers
      Bronx Times Reporter Inc.

      Dow Jones & Company
      Consumer Media Group
      The Wall Street Journal – the leading US financial newspaper.
      Wall Street Journal Europe
      Wall Street Journal Asia
      Barron’s – weekly financial markets magazine.
      Marketwatch – Financial news and information website.
      Far Eastern Economic Review
      Financial News
      Enterprise Media Group
      Dow Jones Newswires – global, real-time news and information provider.
      Factiva – provides business news and information together with content delivery tools and services.
      Dow Jones Indexes – stock market indexes and indicators, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
      Dow Jones Financial Information Services — produces databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other information services on specialised markets and industry sectors.
      Betten Financial News — leading Dutch language financial and economic news service.
      Local Media Group’
      Dow Jones Local Media Group (formerly Ottaway Community Newspapers) – 8 daily and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
      Strategic Alliances
      STOXX (33%) – joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the development and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
      Vedomosti (33%) – Russia’s leading financial newspaper (joint venture with Financial Times and Independent Media).
      SmartMoney (50%) (50%)


      HarperCollins India (40%) joint venture with India Today Group
      Zondervan Publishing
      Youth Specialties — organisation helping youth workers worldwide through training seminars and conventions, resources and the internet.
      Inspirio — religious gift production.

      National Rugby League (NRL) (50%)
      Ansett Australia, Until 2000 (50%)
      Curb Records
      Jamba! – Mobile Entertainment/Mobile Handsets Personalisation/Games.
      Maximedia Israel (67%)
      Mosgorreklama (50%) – Russia sign and marketing material manufacturer
      NDS Group (49%) – DRM and conditional access company.

      Some of us actually have to watch the freakin’ TV to keep track of these bastards and their propaganda.

  • HEY CALI SETTLE DOWN! we need keep track! turn off tv? then dont vote stay quiet? what will happen next?not WATCHIN IS WHAT GOT US HERE? YUP?

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Has anybody noticed that the more shares Rupert’s Saudi buddy’s buy of NewsCorp the farther left he’s going..

  • Why does Rupert Murdoch have any say in anything? Who cares what Murdoch has to say about Amnesty? I don’t recall voting for him. Please keep in mind that Sarah Palin also works for him and has a contract with Fox news,she is now considered the most powerful woman in Politics, why? what has she done to rate that title except push her way into the Tea Party Nation which became the Sarah Palin Tea Party express, she is now called the Queen of the Tea Party, so what has she done, anything? Another God Awful book on the way “America from the Heart” I think its called.

    Rupert Murdoch is a member of the CFR so are most of his guests, I am a Republican but I don’t go along with this nonsense, do you trust anyone who works for this man and this group? Go into the website and take a look, it looks like they are the Government not the whitehouse, not the Congress but they are deciding our fate, something is wrong with this picture. I don’t want anyone who is in the same club as George Soros speaking for immigration or anything else that changes things for America or for me. Our President is busy seeing the world on our dime and making speeches to people who can no longer stand him, meanwhile we all better learn Arabic, they dont’ seem ot have an immigration problem do they.

    How did Rupert Murdoch become the Presidents stand in and spokesperson? How does sarah palin endorse future politicians and they win,? What did they do to earn this stature? Does anyone know?

  • It should now be perfectly clear that Fox is and has been controlled opposition. While seeming to be fair and balanced the leash goes just so far and Murdoch controls the leash.

  • Also why don’t these so called conservatives on Fox and the radio pool their money and establish an honest network that would really report the truth. Of course that may never happen but if they wanted to make a real difference they would at least try.

    What seemed impossible in the past , such as tea parties, huge rallies in DC, just proves that anything can happen if the heart and soul are working with the mind and body. So a truth reporting network is possible if the will of those with the funds to make it happen are willing to work with those who have the ability to make it happen. If that day ever comes we know victory has been achieved.

      • Maybe so but I was thinking more on the lines of the msm, most people still get their news and info from TV, that is where the uneducated are not on the internet. I think it is time for more people to put their money where their mouths are, at least in regards to the msm.

        • I agree – but I don’t think they realize that the niche actually exists….look for Andrew Breitbart to do something….and then there is RightNetwork. Watch them.

          At this, I take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt unless of course I already found out the information and people like Beck are confirming it.

          All one needs to do is pick up a book and read – and I know how rarely that used to happen….not anymore.

  • I guess I wasn’t clear enough in this post because I thought everybody was on the same page…guess not.

    LISTEN UP YOU FREAKIN’ MOOS! Rupert Murdoch is part of the globalist cabal that is turning America into a third world nation so that the United Nations can have global governance.

    What part of a bazillionaire that owns every type of media available TESTIFYING before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration stating that we should have a path for citizenship for 12 million criminals ARE YOU NOT GETTING?????



    I just wanted to let you know…if you would rather not know what the enemy is up to, just tell me and I’ll keep it to myself…

  • Don’t keep anything to yourself. We need to know, and we don’t have a neutral news agency to inform us of the truth. I’ll start paying attention to Infowars and Alex Jones, because I take your word for it that it is legit.

    I have been a devoted listener and watcher of Fox since I got turned off the mainstream news stations during the 2008 primary but a lot of theings about Fox were beginning to bother me. Mostly Bill O’Reilly, who I think is a big blowhard and lately has been leaning too far towards the undesireables to suit me.

    I”ve been a great fan of Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto and would hate to think that their opinions are slanted because Murdoch is their boss.

    There is nothing new under the sun. No wonder old Rupert is pushing Global Government. He already owns a big interest in the globe already and is primed to get it all. Amnesty Indeed!!. Is Gloria Allred on his payroll?

    Thanks Diamond. I’ll bet very few people knew the Rupert Murdoch was this spread out. Talk about the tentacles of an octopus.

    • Diamond, I just came from Alex Jones’ site and my senses are still reeling. I didn’t see the video of the children because it has been removed, but I read the text and other texts that he has and I couldn’t take anymore tonight. It is 2:14 AM here and I’m exhausted. Thank you for the tip and I will make this Jones site a regular stop from now on. This moo is scared.

      • Listen Lee,

        There is no reason to be scared; enough Americans are awake now to make a difference. What I am trying to impart is that the upcoming election is just one of many that has to be participated in because the true enemy has been hiding in the background for decades. “They” control our Congress, so the first step is take our Congress back and then move on to the real perpetrators. I don’t particularily give a crap about who they actually are, but if we shut down their means of operating – namely the Federal Reserve and the United Nations, then they have nothing to control us with. The Congress is just the first battle – we are winning right now. Keep your chin up!!

    • I agree about Fox and O’Reilly. He’s been in the tank for the Obama administration ever since he was allowed to interview the pretender. I wish Beck would actually address why he appears to be on our side and yet is still pulling a paycheck from Murdoch. Maybe it has something to do with his contract with FoxNews. I would question everything that Beck says (and I usually question his opinions) if it wasn’t the fact that bloggers knew this information months, and sometimes, years before Beck talked about it on his program.

      • MadHatter -

        That’s the idea, Beck feeds you bits and pieces of news that is already out there, once in awhile he will go a little farther but nothing earth shattering. He talked about that rally he was going to have for weeks, I expected the second coming the way he carried on but all it amounted to was a poor mans billy Graham sermon. I thought there was a reason why he wouldn’t say anything else about it before the event. no one would have come if he did. Beck also flip flops on things, such as the Birthers, how ridicuous they are when he thought the same thing a few months ago, now he believes in Global warming, 6 months ago he was saying it was nonsense.

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