Allen West: “Welcome To The Jungle”

The democrats have gone on the attack against Allen West; remember Allen’s SS# ending up on a mailer last week?  Here is your daily Allen West hit as he delivers a message for Obama who will be attending campaigns for Florida dems at the beginning of October.

Remember the old adage, “When you get to my house, you’ll be a long way from your house.”

By Logistics Monster


  • There is definitly attacks going on and the democratic party has SEIU and UNIONS and all the means that you can think of to do this..Obama has made fun of the Tea Partys, Glen Beck, and Gingrich, and all others that oppose him. It’s not going to get any better until they are all sent home. I have lived a long time, seen a lot of government, and I have yet, even with Jimmy Carter, to see and hear what I’m seeing these days with even most of the media following Obama like dogs-no fresh thoughts, no investigations, just singing the praises of all they do and attacking our people all the time. Please keep it peaceful-they want us to explode and do something stupid-stick together, pray for our country and vote in November for people you know will save our economy and our constitution…

  • GO ALLEN!!! Allen West is the best thing this country has seen in a long time–which is, of course, why the Demorats are going after him in panic mode.

    Allen West has been on my show, we have spoken on the phone and met at the Leavenworth 10 Freedom Ride in early September and I support him 100%.

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