Alex Jones, 9.24.2010: Is Beck Finally Getting It?

Alex Jones speaks about Glenn and his message, the 9.11 attacks, the NWO, and his changing opinion of the Beck show.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Missing and am searching)

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster


  • He is so very right that we are selling off our assets to foreigners for pennies ont he dollar. I know. I’m on the front lines as they buy up every savvy property available out there.

  • There was a time I was a very big fan of Beck,he then for whatever reason really took a punch at those who questioned the the birth certificate issue. At that point I decided he was not to be trusted, although I did give him credit for educating Americans to our history . It seems at this time he may be having a change of heart.

    It now seems that Beck is in need of prayers for his health and that I will gladly give him. Not sure what all is wrong but he does seem to have health issues that could be serious.

  • Beck CAN be trusted. He is learning the ropes that only come with experience. Say what you want about Limbaugh, 90% of him is true blue American. The rest I don’t care for, he’s too close to Cheney, always has been. He plays this stupid game of talking about American exceptionalism. Is our imperialism and urges for strict hegemony what you’d call exceptionalism? NO way. American is a very dirty country and our rapists in charge are NOT to be trusted ever. Obama is in bed with terrorism, he sponsors it, and pretends bin Laden is still alive and orchestrating terror. No way. Obama is not to be trusted for one second. Never trust this guy. Very dangerous, most dangerous man on the planet.

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