Nancy Pelosi: Queen Of The Swamp

Dale over at OutOfOrderBlog (Daletoons) has done it again with his newest creation about Nancy Pelosi and the swamp known as Washington, D.C.

“Reigning The Swamp”

"Reigning The Swamp"
By Logistics Monster


  • OMGD – With a few flames it could pass for Dante’s Inferno. Your friend Dale is a pure genius.

    No, I’ll take it back. This picture could be used as a “before” and the Inferno as an “after” in an explanation of what it means to be one of Nancy’s subjects. If you’re in the swamp now, expect to be in the Inferno for eternity.

    Thanks, Diamond, for passing this on.

  • Ha ha. The guy in the lower left of the pic is the creep who sent puma’s an email saying we would be visited in the middle of the night and taken to internment camps if we didn’t get aborad the sobama bus.
    Very nice job you have done with this site. User friendly indeed! Impressive! 😀

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