Let’s Dance!!!

In commemoration of finally moving the Monster into a new home, David Bowie: “Let’s Dance”.  I refuse to whimper about the last nine days, but Murphy’s Law applied to every single freakin’, frakkin’ second, so please enjoy this moment with me!!!  Let me know if you are experiencing problems of any sort.

Now, back to work…

By Logistics Monster


  • FReakin’ Finally! I went to bed in tears last night because of yet another technical issue and then proceeded to take 5 hours today trying to solve it……………BUT………we definitely have lift off!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to the beach with my kid now.

  • Practical Madman -

    Congrats on your success and unrelenting perseverance. The site looks great! You earned a rest.

  • I know you are relieved, all good things come to those who wait and wait and wait.

    Congratulations and take a few days off, we would all understand.

      • You should take a few days off. In a week or so things are going to start to boil over in D.C. and you are needed to keep our heads straight.

        So far the site is working great, thanks to all your hard work, but if any trouble pops up I’ll let you know.

        Thanks for the family pics – you were right. They did make me smile. That kid of yours is something. You’ll be knocking girls away with a baseball bat in a few years. There’s nothing like family in a happy home setting.

  • Looks Great! I have some experience with hosting problems and can only imagine what it took to move the site, with all of the bells and whistles.

    I am so thankful that you are out there working to keep us informed. I don’t know how you do it, but am glad you do.

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