Mourning In America

Citizens For The Republic is a 501(c)(4) entity that is kicking off their campaign to get out the vote with an attack ad that is so dark and disturbing that even the Monster is completely offended.  We already know how bad it is; we don’t need over-the-top emotional brainwashing that may just backfire.

You let me know what you think…

From CFTR’s site:

The ad – a twist on the 1984 Reagan campaign’s fabled “Better, Prouder, Stronger” ad, the best-known of the “Morning in America” series – captures the nation’s mood today as well as the original ad captured the mood of the nation’s electorate a quarter-century ago.

This ad – called ‘Mourning in America’ – is about failed leadership, about a government growing out of control, about a government taking away our ability to make important choices. It’s about an America that’s suffering because of the failed policies and failed leadership of President Obama – and reminding Americans that they can change that with their vote on November 2.

By Logistics Monster


  • This ad reminds us of the campain lies and the flowery rhetoric that swayed the voters who did vote for Obama. It is in my opinion a very thought provoking ad which focuses on the realities in America today. It infers this question: Do you want more of this Mr. Citizen?

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