Glenn Beck, 9.21.2010: It’s All About Global Wealth Redistribution

Please make sure to thank Bill Clinton (Progressive(D)) and Newt Gingrich (Progressive(R)) for giving us the WTO and free trade…look how it has balanced the world.

We created global trade.  We created global finances.  We created global companies, but we forgot to create a global government. – Andy Stern (SEIU)

Wow – Glenn has joined the rest of the tinfoil hat wearing crowd that realizes that the universe usually has an intrinsic balance, and when events are out of kilter; there’s a good reason why.  I do believe that Glenn has become a devout believer in ‘if it looks like a duck…‘ For example: if it looks like Obama and the progressives are trying to dismantle America economically, meanwhile giving broad new powers over American citizens to the United Nations and giving billions of dollars away to foreign countries – well then, Chairman Zero and Co. may just be trying to globally redistribute American wealth. Welcome aboard Glenn…we’ve been waiting for you to start telling the whole truth.  (Excellent show today.)

In the third video (this is continuous play) a Koolaid drinker asked Obama if this was the best she could expect because she was tired of defending him and his agenda. A word to the wise? The Tea Party Patriots are not crazy and we respectfully request that you put down the pitchers!  This IS the beginning of a new reality that is only going downhill from here if this progressive Congress and White House are allowed to burn down the country.

By Logistics Monster


  • Thanks so much for the website..I am constantly looking for conservative factual research and news so I can at least try to keep up with Obama’s far reaching powers and efforts to dismantle America and her constitution…Spread the wealth has cost us most of the stimulus package-that was the purpose all the time. Global government gives me the creeps and the Sterns and Trumpka’s plans for world unions is a farce…so who gets to keep the money?? Not the man and woman out there working to feed their families. Are all these people “dazed” or something? If third world countries are now going to be equal to us, then we must go down to meet them-they won’t climb up to meet our standards….I pray everyday for my beautiful country, the republic and our constitution which is danger of being a thing of the past…I don’t want to hear one single person crying about what was if they aren’t voting or watching or helping stop this government from growing by voting in new blood that will adopt new standards and get us back on track to undo the mess we’re all in…Thanks again…

  • Liberty vs Statism: whose side are you on?
    September 22, 2010 notamobster There is a long standing disagreement between two groups of people. Those who see rights as being natural and inherent to all men equally, and those who see rights as being the best for mankind or the collective (i.e. community) in which one lives. This disagreement over rights is as old as man himself.

    Arguably, the most important of all of these rights, is that of property and it’s ‘ownership’. For most of us, ownership is the outward expression of our individual sovereignty. The ‘end’ to the means of our ‘labor’. We toil in the hope that we will be able to keep the fruits of our labor and use them as we best see fit. Property thus, becomes the corporeal embodiment of man’s innate desire to live freely and pursue his own happiness.

    Before governments, man owned what he could defend and cultivate. Anyone capable of outmatching the “owner’s” level of force could take what he had and force him into servitude. His life, thus, was not truly his.

    Governments are instituted among men, largely to provide a stable structure to common life. This common pursuit, makes life easier on the individual, but one must remain ever mindful of the demands of the State, in securing that which the governed have agreed upon.

    The problem historically has been the human predilection toward greed. Governments and the “public thing” become vehicles of avarice due to the ever-encroaching state and neglect by the governed, of their duty to the community.

    Many of the world’s inhabitants are perfectly content to have their actions dictated, and their lot granted, to them – in exchange for bread and circuses. This has been true throughout all of human history. Humans tend toward low-risk security, rather than the lively and animating contest of liberty.

    Hegel held the “State” as the “highest embodiment of the Divine Idea” and the primary vehicle of the “Absolute” to acheive perfect fulfillment . For Hegel, the State was the peak of social existence and the logical end to man’s development from self to family to “State”.

    The “State” being the highest order, the individual is thus subjugated to the greater demands of the “State”. The need’s of one or a few must be subjugated to the greater good and social order. The state owns the property and thus the results of one’s labor. E. Durkeim said: “it is not enough to invoke the rights that man has over himself: these rights are not absolute but limited by the claims of the moral aims, in which a man has to cooperate.”

    This idea is the fundamental difference in the battle we wage daily, here. Those who believe in America and the divine providence which inspired her formation, hold that man is sovereign and that each has a natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The statist holds that individual rights are granted as privilege from the “State” and thus, can be rescinded.

    While, I agree with Kant, that only a “universal legislative will” (the civil State) could “give binding force to the intention to appropriate” property, I see it as the responsibilty of the state to protect the appropriation of property, not to direct it it’s appropriation.

    Our Supreme Court ruled just a few years ago that the property rights of the individual are subordinate to the ability of a capital enterprise to generate tax revenue. This disgusting decision shows how our ruling class sees America and her citizens. We simply must preserve the right of an individual to self-determinate and to own real property in his pursuit of happiness. The Constitution authorizes the public seizure purchase of private property under the taking or just compensation clause of the 5th Amendment. The idea was that a man would be compensated for seizing his land for the greater public good. Perverting this by extending it to corporations for the purpose of generating tax revenue is yet another in the inexorable march of the statist agenda.

    In John Lockes view the natural mechanism for one to call something his own, was his ability and willingness to work for it. This very ideal has made America the greatest nation in all of human existence. Contrary to what the left is telling you on a daily basis, the American Dream is still very much alive. Our beacon, though diminished by 40 years of liberal statism, still shines to all corners of the known world.

    Our rights, though slowly being legislated down the memory hole, are still very much ours to exercise.

    We stand today, at the edge of the largest battlefield in human history. The enemy advanced slowly and stealthily for almost 100 years. Our seasoned NCO’s remained motionless as we watched the advance from our foxholes. Our officers were taking tea and reappropriating supplies at Command HQ. Then, the sun peaked over the horizon and the enemy, with all of their careful maneuvering, and decades of infiltration, charged onto the battlefield, with a resounding, yet incoherent battle cry. They scrambled around, taking every bit of ground they could grab. We watched in stunned amazement. We couldn’t understand what the strategy was.

    Fear not, their seemingly leaderless assault and wasted energy will be for naught if we can organize an effective counter-assault. Take a breath, line up your sights, let out half a breath and gently squeeze the trigger. The enemy must be taken, one after another until they and their sympathizers are gone or forced into retreat.

    Don’t break out the victory dance when this battle is over. This war will not end when the bombs drop on November 2nd. The enemy will regroup. Some of the officers in our ranks will turn coat. Some will run. Some will not have the stomach for sustained battle. We the seasoned, who have known battle, after this election cycle must remain in the fray to train our young recruits in the way of making war. We must remain ever vigilant, our eyes roving the wireline, to prevent further infiltration. This battle is for the very soul of America. Her survival depends on our willingness to continue engagement, even after this battle is decided.

    Will you keep what is yours? Or… will you concede what you have earned, that which you have given your life’s blood and sweat for, to European statist infiltrators?Would you trade your liberty, your happiness, and thus your life for privileges at the pleasure of the State? I beg GOD, you would not! I choose liberty! I choose self-determination! I will keep that which is mine, and fight for your right to keep what you have earned. I will not falter. I will not fail. I will never give up! Until all of the enemies of liberty are destroyed, I will fight.

    What say you?

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