American Patriots Inspire Australian T.E.A. Party Movement

Remember, America is US; it has always been us even though our off-the-rails government and media want everyone to think otherwise.  There are definitely more American Patriots than there are ‘ruling class’ elites, and you know there is something heinously wrong when there IS a ‘ruling class’ in America.

Everyone please welcome the newest addition to the “We’ve Got Your New World Order Right Here!” movement, the Australian T.E.A. Party!

Tea Party comes to Australia

An anti-tax, anti-government Tea Party has set up shop in Australia, inspired by the US-based movement that has turned the Republican Party upside down.

The Australian T.E.A. Party (an acronym for Taxed Enough Already) will be targeting pre-selections across the country and heavily promotes its links to “our friends” in the United States.

The T.E.A. Party in Australia announces on its website that it is a “worldwide movement united for free markets, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited small governments and individual freedom”.

The modern US Tea Party movement draws inspiration from the Boston Tea Party of 1773, which was a protest by American colonists against British taxes and emerged in the United States in 2009.

Several Republican incumbents have been replaced by so-called “Tea Party” candidates, most recently Delaware congressman Mike Castle, who has been replaced by the Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell.

By Logistics Monster


  • Nice to see the whole world starting to wake up, people just need to see how it is done with success and then they feel confident in trying it for themselves.

    America has it’s problems, and most are based in DC, but when we do something right we are an inspiration to the rest of the world.

    Go Aussies and help spread the message to those who are still unsure what to do.

  • An American dream is coming again…We are awake and I am glad to see the Australians supporting us in our endeavor…I wish we could get an immigration law passed like theirs-it’s for 50 years and if you don’t have a desire to be Australian and live by their laws and rules, then you don’t migrate there. Our government is letting us down because they simply want more power and think amnesty or the Dream Act will get them power to stay in Washington. They forget that Hispanics know the truth too, especially the legal ones and they are just as tired of all this mess as we are…good work, Logistics, and keep it up..I’m having trouble downloading some of your articles and videos and I think it’s because we have a “mouse” called net neutrality messing with all conservative web sites.

    • You may be right about the “mouse”, if the past 9 months of wrestling with this site and server are any indication. Please note that the next few days may be a little rough as we transition hosts.

  • I love your eagle. I will be following you closely and rooting for you all the way. I’m so glad you have made the change. For a long time now I’ve been having a lot of trouble accessing your blog and commenting. I hope that changes with your new host.

    Good for Australia. We need the same common sense as they in their immigration rules. If you want to live in our country abide by our laws and our Constitution or GET OUT.

    I’m looking forward to this segment of the election cycle and the resurrection of America.

    Diamond, I have been a follower of your blog since its inception and was disappointed when you changed your format the last time, but I am so looking forward to this new ARISING.

    • Lee – the only constant in the universe is change. It will change again. I’m not trying to lead, I’m trying to tell everybody ‘your’ stories, thoughts, irritants, and hopes.

  • das right when we finish with mopping up in DC.we are comming for you UN and the whole world is pissed and awake!
    see ya skecssy’s

  • I’m glad that organisations like this exist, as it is hard sometimes to see that there is growing support, when everyone around them calls them a crazy person.

    It is just a reminder to all of the free thinkers that they are not alone.

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