Karl Rove on Christine O’Donnell’s Win (Updated #2)

For those that have not yet seen Karl inelegantly roasting Christine after her massive upset of 40 year politician, RINO Mike Castle, here it is.

This is the inexplicable one because Christine O’Donnell has come on here at the very end of the campaign and there’s a huge turnout tonight in Delaware. The total was estimated to be 30,000 people going into the primary and it’s come out 56,000, and she has dealt a defeat to one of the state’s longest and best known and thought to be ‘most beloved’ political figures. A former governor and nine term congressman in Mike Castle.

Karl goes on to say that he believes this upset is more about Mike Castle’s voting record than the appeal of Christine O’Donnell.

Let’s be honest, all of the tea party upstart wins are about the voting records and incumbent entrenchment of their opponents.  Why do you think ‘regular’ people would stop their lives, start a long-shot campaign knowing full well that the liberal left media was going to dissect them AND THE GOP WASN’T GOING TO BACK THEM UP?  Why do you think that Massachusetts sent RINO Scott Brown to D.C.?  Karl, it’s all in the messaging.

We’re screwed.  We know it.  We’ve been held hostage by an ever increasing majority (on both sides of the aisle) of progressives who have slowly but surely been steering the ship of state into an iceberg so we can join hands with the rest of the world in mediocrity.

Is it any surprise then, that the moos might actually vote for anyone that promises fiscal responsibility and an adherence to the Constitution?  Remember Scott Brown?

Now, a couple thoughts on Karl’s remarks and attitude.  IMO, Mr. Rove is a mercenary political operative that has been running point for the Bush family for many years and is not a man to be trusted.  The man is a frakkin’ genius and not known for emotional outbursts; we all know that.  We know he is responsible for eight years of Bush 43, (special circle in hell for that), and we know that he IS NOT out of touch like the rest of the beltway.  On the surface, he, like Dana Perrino, does not believe that Christine has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Chris Coons in November because neither of them has ever seen what is about to happen in November. They believe it’s all going to go down like it has for decades, and they, like the RNC, will only back ‘winners’.  The RNC didn’t back Scott Brown either.

Is it possible that the master chess player is sending a message to the RNC leadership, or bitchslapping Christine rallies Delawareans and the rest of the nation to her cause, or makes Chris Coons a bit more comfortable, or is it that he has been ‘inside’ too long and doesn’t realize that there are millions of Americans that are way past being scared and they are going to do something about being held hostage and tortured for decades by these two parties?

I guess we will have to wait and see what Karl says and does next, but right now I am still trying to figure out why NY sent Rangel thru again.  Are all politicians in NY criminals?  Is that it?  Do I hear mooing?

UPDATED: 9.15.2010 am vid of Karl Rove hammering Christine again:

Now it’s Day Two of the Christine ‘Hammer-fest’ and I am no longer on the fence about what I believe is motivating Karl to be repeating democratic talking points against the GOP candidate. Rove is ever loyal to the Bush family that has been pushing for the NWO and running the world for decades. Obama needs to maintain control of the Senate in 2010 considering the ‘naughty’ list that Issa has been compiling for when the GOP takes over the House. Never in a million years did it ever occur to the the Bush family that their boy would stage a coup against them, and they haven’t gotten their agenda as far forward as necessary (IMHO).  Like I said, Karl Rove is a mercenary political operative not to be trusted.

UPDATE #2: A picture is worth 1000 words.  Not even 24 hours after Christine won her primary, she had to move her donation goal up a quarter of a million dollars.  I’ll just keep repeating the mantra; every single race is a national race now and you have got to pony up.

By Logistics Monster


  • Seems the RNC has reconsidered their position. I am sure the fact that most informed voters are no longer sending money to the the party headquarters but rather to the individuals running had anything to do with there change in position.


    Karl Rove is getting schooled in how WE THE PEOPLE are starting to call the shots. Must be a real bummer to be beaten at your own game.

    • I think that the RNC thought that if they ignored us, we would go away. The GOP has been voting against everything that the dems put forward (almost) and that should be enough to prove to the moos that they are on our side. Too bad it isn’t working this time around. People know.

  • Way to go, Diamond. While watching Karl Rove on Hannity’s program immediately following the big win in Delaware, I had a Chris Mathews tingle. (Up my back, not my leg). It was so good to see Rove lose his suave know-it-all posture and argue with Hannity. I was proud of Hannity for coming out and telling Rove that he was sick of the RINOS in the republican party. And so are we all.

    • Well, technically, given Rove’s background and the way the moos have been wandering around the pasture ignoring DC for oh, 50 years, Rove is telling the truth. O’Donnell doesn’t have a snowball’s chance and this is all about running the electable candidate….until 2010. Many Americans may not be going to tea parties yet, but they are talking to their friends and relatives now, and they realize that Obama bowing to the Saudi king is just a little bit over the top for an American to be doing. They are realizing that the NWO actually does exist, and that the people they sent to Washington may not have their best sovereign American interests at heart. When I say people know and people are waking up – it’s more than just “oh that party is corrupt”.

      I think the progressives think they can push past this ‘wall’ through sheer force of will and momentum. That everything will settle down after the economy actually starts to do better – and in that fact, there will be a percentage of moos that go back to grazing…but not the majority because “people know”. Beck has done his job exposing Progressives and their globalist agenda to the country. Now those very same moos search the internet for facts to back it up – and end up here and on many other research sites making the case against the progressives.

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    If the GOP is smart they will back the tea party conservatives because if they don’t they will never take the House or Senate back in Nov. They need to put everything they have into getting them elected. Rove is only a pundit but he better stop bad mouthing O’Donnell and start supporting her.

    • Oh please, please, please let Karl keep hammering away. That contrast is going to wake up even more moos to the progressives and push new blood into DC.

  • Oh you are never going to believe what I just read. Bill Clinton believes the tea party movement makes Bush look like a liberal.


  • I don’t like O’Donnell, but she has a point about Rove. The man doesn’t have a principled bone in his body. He’s all politics and will do and say anything to win an election….EGO!!

  • Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Christine O’Donell, if I was into conspiracy’s I would think that DC, either side, has a problem with conservative woman. Why would that be, maybe the fact that they are closer to what most of America is, ah that is just nuts, why would DC want to diminish the average voter.

  • I think the history of Rove and Brazille needs to be brought out in the open again. Rove is working the democrat talking points and should be busted even more.

    Obama needs the senate to avoid a conviction in his impeachment trial. Tho impeachment is for real presidents, the proceedings will uncover the truth.

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