And The Tea Party Tsunami Gathers More Power (UPDATED: O’Donnell Victory Speech)

Christine O’Donnell has captured the GOP Senate nomination with 53% of the vote.  The tea parties message of fiscal responsibility is reverberating and RINO Mike Castle, (Yes on Obamacare, Stimulus, Cap and Trade),  is now in the UI line with the rest of us.  Don’t worry Mike, you’re in good company.

The MSM media is reporting that Chris Coons is going to decimate Christine, but we’ve heard that before with Sharon Angle in Nevada and Rand Paul in Kentucky.  I think I’ll just wait and see how Delaware wants to play this.

Ovide Lamontangne is also winning his primary in New Hampshire against Kelly Ayotte, 47.6% to 34.4%.

Will continue to update this post as more information comes in.

Christine O’Donnell Victory Speech: “The People Of Delaware Have Spoken”

We’ve Got Your New World Order Right Here!

By Logistics Monster


  • I’m thinking one could get elected …with the conservative republican heroin party bright now!!!!!

  • I really like red lemur’s picture above. Nerobama at work. Really good.

    What did you think of Karl Rove and Sean Hannity going at it over Christine O’Donnell? Karl Rove surprized me. I thought he had more tact than he expressed tonighr. Hannity was obviously teed off with him. So the republican party vows not to support her in November? They’re cutting their own throat.

    Kudos to Sean Hannity. He let Rove know he was sick of the RINO segment of the republican party.

    O/T – Diamond, what is your take on Harry Reid planning to tack his “Dream Bill” on to the Defense bill that is to be voted on next week? Does he realize he’s on his way out and wants to create as much havoc as possible before he is kicked out? A dream bill for young illegals who either want to go to college or will join our military. A fast track to citizenship – automatic. What about all the young legal Americans who would like to go to college but can’t afford it. I’m going to call Steny Hoyer’s office and find out more about this. This sounds more like a nightmare to me than a dream. Have you already written about this? Did I perhaps miss it while I was so under the weather?

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