Livestreaming 2nd Annual 9.12 March On The District Of Criminals

Livestreaming 2nd annual 9.12 March on Washington, D.C. We Can See November From Our Houses!

By Logistics Monster


  • D. Thompson -

    Looks like a Great rally. We wish we could have attended. However, We attended the 8.28 Restoring Freedom Rally in September and did not have anymore money to return to Washington, D.C.
    We are with you in Spirit.

    God Bless you

  • i was able to attend the 9-12 rally again this year in washington. great speakers and great rally.

    i did get irritated, and spoke out, when ever i heard someone bemoan the fact our numbers were smaller this year. the “blame” was usually targeted at glenn beck. i don’t know why people can not see the positives that have been accomplished, instead of looking for the negatives. the fact that so many attended glenn beck’s event, i think, is a wonderful statement about the quality of people in this nation. i prefer to look at the cumulative impact of the various rallies, instead of looking at them as competing events. many people had to make a choice to attend one or the other. others were unable, financially, to attend either event. some organized events in their local areas.

    no matter what, i hope people will realize that we must be in this together for the long run. this is not a competition……any event organizer that does not realize they are attempting to herd cats does not understand “we the people”!!!!!

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