FreedomWatch: 9.11, Tea Parties, Dollar Collapse, Stolen Liberties (9.11.2010)

On the ninth anniversary of 9.11, the judge has a guest packed show today with David Webb, Hilary Shelton, Jim Rodgers, Joe Miller, Bob Barr, David Horowitz, Dennis Kucinich and Dr. Ron Paul discussing issues ranging from how the tea parties are affecting the midterm elections, the NAACP teaming up with George Soros to track the tea parties, the government’s overreach in reaction to 9.11, the collapse of the dollar, and the wars.

For those that aren’t aware of China and Russia moving closer to trading each others’ currencies, go here.

For those that still believe that 19 hijackers brought down three skyscrapers in lower Manhatten all by themselves, check out this, and this.

Part 1, David Webb (Tea Party) and Hilary Shelton (NAACP) tracking the racist tea parties:

Part 2, 9.11 Discussion with Bob Barr and David Horowitz on the government’s over-reaction to 9.11 with the Patriot Act and all the stolen freedoms because of it:

Part 3, the ‘Unholy Alliance’ of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on the wars.  Also the audit of the Fed that was shut down, and the NIGHTMARE of the Fed’s actions:

Part 4, the Freedom Fighters discussing the taped remarks of globalist Hillary Clinton speaking to the CFR about our debt as a national security threat (DUH!), and the judge’s monologue on 9.11, safety, liberties, and our Constitution:

6 thoughts on “FreedomWatch: 9.11, Tea Parties, Dollar Collapse, Stolen Liberties (9.11.2010)”

  1. So if you don’t like soros or talk about him your a racist now..LOL..For those of you who don’t live near any major urban centers, you now know who the real enemy is….

  2. Wish the Judge could stick to 1 topic! A little longer and the NAACP guy would have dug a hole and buried himself, instead he comes off as someone with a valid opinion.

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