North Carolina; Privacy Is An Illusion

Okay MOOS, listen up.  Sheriffs in North Carolina (that supposedly work FOR YOU) have approached the NC legislature and requested warrant-less access to state prescription drug lists of patients who are prescribed controlled substances by their doctors.  They want to be able  to sift through and find drug abusers in order “to curb a growing problem of prescription drug abuse.

I know I should be shocked by this new fascist idea, but I’m not.   I almost did not write about this because it has become the norm in our world; actual privacy has become an illusion.

Sheriffs want lists of patients using painkillers

Judge Napolitano gave an interview with Shep Smith on Studio B a few minutes ago where he stated that the NC sheriffs are trying to fundamentally change the privacy clause in the Constitution, change the physician/patient relationship,  and he wonders how this could be happening considering the sheriffs work for us.  Do they?  The rabbit hole I have been down points to something altogether different than “We The People”.

When that vid becomes available, I will post it.

By Logistics Monster


  • ReverendCirca53 -

    More information has surfaced regarding their requests for your medical info..They want it so they can determine who may possibly be a future lawbreaker,those perscribed Ambien are near the top of the list(those wacky sleepwalkers)….This really shouldn’t surprize anyone..Your Military and Law Enforcement will turn on You like a Doberman on a Poodle in an instant….Ever heard of Kent State? etc..

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