Koran Burning Cancelled; Ground Zero Mosque To Be Moved (UPDATED #2)

I originally thought Pastor Jones had completely gone off his nut by announcing his intent to burn Korans on 9.11, (which by the way, falls under the category of “just plain wrong”), but he has been promised by Imam Rauf that the Ground Zero Mosque will be moved.

From NYTimes:

But details of the pastor’s planned meeting with the Imam, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, remained elusive. Mr. Jones did say he got a promise to move the New York mosque, although such an agreement could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile, progressive globalist Colin Powell thinks the mosque is a GREAT IDEA and the firestorm has only gone viral because of the “media industrial complex”.  Yes, Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs, Stop The Islamization of America, her bus ads and the hundreds of blogging ‘first responders’ had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Yes, the moos who actually email each other and talk to each other had NOTHING to do with it.  I really hate these ______________ (insert your own word here).

UPDATE: FBI agents visit Florida church over Quran burn

UPDATE #2, 9.10.2010: Everybody appears to be taking their prescribed amounts of ‘stupid pills’.

From Drudge Report:

Thousands of Afghans protest Quran-burning plan...
Tennessee preacher to burn Quran...
Topeka, Kansas church vows burning...
Protester plans to burn on Wyoming's Capitol steps...
FLASHBACK: Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses...
TICKING: Pastor issues two-hour deadline for imam to move Ground Zero mosque...

I fail to grasp how sinking to the level of the radical islamic jihadists and betraying one’s principles by burning another faith’s sacred text is going to help anyone or honor the victims of 9.11.  How are any of these actions following Jesus’ main tenet of “do unto others as you wish to have done to you”?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Keep at it MOOs; the globalists have their lackeys popping the corks of champagne bottles and are enjoying the show as you fight amongst yourselves and continue to ignore the web they are spinning.

Hele Mai!

By Logistics Monster


  • Has Pastor Jones ever heard of Taqiyya? Perhaps he missed this: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/blog/id.5945/blog_detail.asp

    Yes it is wrong to burn the Quran but once again we have the double standard, this pastors church has a connection to Westboro, that despicable group who stalk the funerals of our military and claim they deserved to die. Why are those nut jobs protected by the first amendment and not the ones from Jones church?

    Of course the answer to this is political correctness, if it is an American you can do and say whatever but if it is Muslim you had better watch out, you do not want to upset the religion of peace.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I may not agree with burning the Quran, but one thing I do agree with are my buddies in the special forces deployed in Afghanistan. Islam has not been hijacked by terrorist, but Islam uses terrorist to expand their barbaric religion through fear. Islam will rule the world by the word or by the sword if we let them.

    Forget about upsetting moderate Muslims, they do not exist. The only difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim is the fact that the moderate Muslim will use a sharper sword!

    America at some point must stand up to these maniacs, or convert to Islam to keep from being killed or becoming a slave.

    Political correctness is destroying America, we do not need to cow tow or apologize to anyone.

    America Love it, or leave it!

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    It seems that the big picture isn’t being seen by anyone..Nobody has destroyed a quoran/koran, but how many Bibles and American Flags have been burned by islamists in just the past couple of days??..We’re told by a puppet U.S.Army General with political ambitions, and a Community Organizer that the actions of a preacher will endanger our Troops..So what is the biggest danger to our troops, the burning of a hate manual, or the so-called military Rules of Engagement imposed by said general and community organizer that are used to battle the followers of the hate manual..Can anyone justify or explain the constant importation of the followers of the hate manual into this Country?..They also enjoy the benefits of automatic citizenship with their anchor babies, full social services providing them with welfare, foodstamps, shelter,education etc..What Country in their right minds would enable their enemy to conquer them?..Aren’t we being told that we are being threatened from within by homegrown terrorists?..Ooops..My mistake..it’s them damn Army and Marine bastards returning from the middle east that we have to fear..People..Wake Up!!..

  • The pastor is making a public statement denouncing the Muslim hateful cult and book called the koran. The cult is against christians and women for starters. This is an evil cult and He is doenouncing evil by burning their evil book.
    They are taught to hate on a daily basis since the age of 3.

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