Multiple Detroit Homes In Flames

What’s up with Detroit?  Two separate neighborhood fires are being reported involving dozens of homes.  Response times to the fires has been delayed because of the lack of firefighters, and putting the fires out has been complicated by lack of water pressure at hydrants.  Detroit’s West Side – at least 4 homes.  Detroit’s East Side – 6 homes upwards of 20 according to Channel 7 in Detroit.  There is also a commercial building in flames on Detroit’s east side. (Channel 7) has the printed story here.

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By Logistics Monster


  • OR, could it be that the occupants of these homes are having them torched to collect insurance payments, rather than face fore-closer?

  • As of this morning over 80 homes had burned..On one city block of 30 houses there were only 6 inhabited..This is libdemarxist central..The whole city is abandoned..100’s of millions, billions of dollars keeps getting pumped into this ghetto..Firetrucks and emergency vehicles are out of service, civilian houseowners had to help the firemen fight the blazes..Gang initiations have been behind the slew of arsons in the past weeks, an arsonist was caught this morning at another fire..Took over an hour for the F.D. to respond to this main fire which started with downed wires from an illegal hookup..Power Co. never responded to callers reporting the culprits as they were climbing the power pole to jump the wires..EMS takes over an hour to respond to emergencys, Police take upwards of 2 hours or more to respond to carjackings, robberys etc if they respond at all….Deeetroit once known as Motown is now called “The D”….as in Death, Desperation, Dump etc..afro libdemarxists have been in control since the riots and it’s been on a steady downward spiral since….

  • These fires are just the beginning symptoms of worst things to come that will increase the tension of civil war. There are just too many bad things happening in this country and also many spots of world. Europe seems to be getting their dose of cultural conflict.

  • Well..The final tally has it at 85 fires in 4 hours. And more news comes out of it..Citizens are counting their loses and pointing their fingers at Detroit Edison which neglected to service their power lines and take action against illegal power hookups by thiefs..As usual follow the money, Last night Deeetroit Mayor Dave Bing cut short a press conference and left in anger when questions of qualifications were asked. Seem’s that Bing sat on the Board of Directors of Deeetroit Edison, and the city can’t get Edison to service their lines or maintain service in the city..Bing seems to not want to lean on Edison and make them provide the services that citizens pay for..Bing calls the fires a “Natural Disaster” instead of calling it what it really is..Incompetence. Which is the norm in “The D”….

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    By the way..Did I happen to mention that jesse’s Cadillac Escalade was stolen while this was going on and he was trying to stir of his lemmings with his little marches and protests….

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