Frank Luntz: GOP Lead Increasing (Midterms)

Sean Hannity interviewed Frank Luntz of about the ever increasing lead that the GOP is garnering in generic congressional polling. Rasmussen has the GOP at 12% ahead with an ABC News poll putting the GOP ahead by 13 points.

Mr. Luntz also covers the fact that democrats that voted for Obamacare are running from it with their hair on fire. He also states that the people that put Bambi over the top in 2008 will more than likely not even be available for voting in November. MEANWHILE, the rest of us CANNOT WAIT to get to the polls. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in warmer states aren’t camped out in front of the polls on November 1, 2010.

By Logistics Monster


  • Election day 2010 can’t come too soon for me. I hope and pray that the polls are correct and we clean house on this day. This vote will bring us that much closer to getting rid of Oblahblahblah.

    Being registered as an Independent, I can’t vote in the primary on the 14th but I’ve made a lot of phone calls and hope it has done some good.
    What we need is a brand new congress with all new people.

    • Lee – you may want to reconsider changing your registration to Republican for the primaries and then change it back to indie (if you can) so that you can vote for a candidate during the primaries. We all know that there are progressives in both parties, but the dems are pretty much rotten to the core now. The Tea Party candidates are not gravitating towards the Dems. You might actually have the chance of putting a Tea candidate on the republican side of the ballot.

      Just think about it.

      • Diamond, that was my intent, butI waited too long and now it’s too late for this primary which is on the 14th. Personal health problems got in the way and I didn’t realize that time was running out to change. I’m trying to compensate by telephone calls to every registered voter that I can reach. Lots of lists obtained from the Dept of voter registration. Some of the people are rude but I find that most of them are on the same page as me, and if what they tell me is true they plan to vote for newbies, no incumbents.

        I’ll have my thnking cap back on before November and will be raring to go. In fact some of the tacticts I used when I was active with the democrats would work very well again and I’m going to try to get started on Sept 15th. I’m also going to try to re-activate my group of telephone helpers that worked so well before.

        Vote all the bums out!!!!!!!!!! We want a completely new congress and senate.

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