Glenn Beck, Crash Course Week: The Economy (9.6.2010)

Judge Andrew Napolitano is hosting Glenn’s ‘Crash Course’ Week as Glenn is on vacation. This week’s programs will be a recap of Beck programs that have outlined the history behind the events that have been occurring in our nation since the installation of Barack Obama.

Today’s program is all about the economy, Obamacare, the travesty of the Fin-Reg bill, cutting spending, unsustainable pension funds, and the insanity of bailing out GM. I only take issue with the movement of money in the buckets (you’ll understand when you see it), as all the money that GM collected in the first bailout should have been thrown on the floor or flushed down a toilet. Then GM should have refilled their bucket from TARP and then transferred that money to the Government Loan bucket. Glenn is correct though; the taxpayers’ bucket remains empty to this day.

Part 1:


The Litmus Test For Candidates

I am often accused of being a right-wing conservative by former dems because I don’t believe the government should be tying everybody’s shoes and offering programs that our descendants will be forever paying for.  I am often accused of being a liberal by hard-right conservatives because I don’t think it’s any of my business what women do with their own bodies or what couples do in their bedrooms.  It’s a very libertarian point of view.

That being said, a reader sent me a very interesting video from a rally on 9.4.2010, in, of all places, San Francisco featuring Matt Gonzales, John Dennis, and Dr. Ron Paul.  Mr. Gonzales was Ralph Nader’s VP candidate, and during the course of the election, the smaller left and right paradigm parties talked about coming up with a litmus test of four points that they could all agree upon; ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; bringing ALL our troops home, privacy issues and the repeal of the Patriot Act and FISA, NOT adding to the federal debt, and my personal favorite, ABOLISHING THE FED (and the crowd goes wild…).   The Federal Reserve Mafia is at the very top of my “Enemies of Humanity” list.

John Dennis is running against Queen Nancy; his speech starts at 16:00 minute mark.

Take some time to listen this Labor Day; you may hear something that shifts your paradigm.

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