FreedomWatch: The Empire Of America, 9.4.2010

The Judge covers all the elements of the American Empire that has grown over the decades. He then covers the new tracking and taxing of gold sales, our pathetic education system, and the unions.

Part 1:

Part 2, Dwight Eisenhower on the Military-Industrial complex. What about banks making money on the debt that conflicts create?:

Part 3, the Freedom Fighter panel covers the unions:

Part 4, the Gold Standard and the new law inside Obamacare:

(H/T TheFoundingPatriots)

By Logistics Monster


  • californiapatriot -

    This is going to be a very unlady like comment directly to Newt baby. Newt, you are a lying bag of pig sh_t. We know who you are, and who you work for. You and your global elitist friends are the true enemy. Good willing, you and your friends will soon be going to Hell.

  • miss patriot you are not unlady like or unAmerican,and why yes he is a bag licking piece of shit!And at the risk of wearing it out?newt got sumpin fer ya!!!!

  • Part 3 is a redue or part 2.

    I wish JD could stay on topic thruout a pgm like Beck or Stossel.

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