Ron Wyden (D-OR) Tries To Have His Cake And Eat It Too

This post is for all my Oregonian readers who are jumping right out of their skins over the blatant ‘vote-buying’ that Ron Wyden is perpetrating in hopes of saving his senate seat.  Think about all the time, energy, and money Americans have spent trying to stop the 2,700 page Obamacare, and now we find out that Wyden has put in his own personal parachute with an amendment he added allowing states to opt out of certain sections of Obamacare.  Just for comparison’s sake, the original bill that created the Federal Reserve Mafia System was only 31 pages long and look at how much damage they have done in 97 years. (Currency devalued 96%.)

An excerpt from Ron Wyden’s “Missing The Point”.

So, in both the Healthy Americans Act and in the current health reform law, I included a provision that would allow states to gain an exemption from certain federal requirements — such as the individual mandate, the employer penalty and the exact standards for designing the exchanges, subsidies and basic health insurance policies — if they could find a way to do a better job of covering their state’s citizens. And I have been working to help states, like my home state of Oregon, take advantage of this option and hopefully move-up the date when states can start applying for waivers. (Ed’s note: emphasis mine) The reason for this — as the legislators in my state will attest — is that it’s a lot less cost effective for states to implement their own approaches in 2017 if they also have to pay to implement the federally mandated approach in 2014. For those who claim this position represents a retreat from the health reform law, they are mistaken. I have been advocating virtually non-stop for states to have the right to go their own way, including during the Senate Finance Committee’s mark-up up last fall when I got the provision included in the Senate bill. My letter to the state of Oregon last week was a continuation of my effort to promote state innovation in health care.

Sounds pretty fence-sitting and spineless to me; just like the rest of the pigs at the trough in the District of Criminals.

From WSJ:

Wyden Defects on ObamaCare

The Oregon Democrat breaks ranks with the White House.

One little-known provision of the bill allows states to opt out of the “requirement that individuals purchase health insurance,” Mr. Wyden wrote, and “Because you and I believe that the heart of real health reform is affordability and not mandates, I wanted to bring this feature of Section 1332 to the attention of you and the legislature.”

Now, that’s news. One of the Democratic Party’s leading experts on health care wants his state to dump the individual mandate that is among ObamaCare’s core features. The U-turn is especially notable because Mr. Wyden once championed an individual mandate in the bill he sponsored with Utah Republican Bob Bennett. We have differences with Wyden-Bennett, but it was far better than ObamaCare and would have changed incentives by offering more choices to individuals and spurring competition among providers and insurers.

The GOP challenger, Jim Huffman released a statement concerning Wyden’s race to save his seat.

Jim Huffman Responds to Ron Wyden’s Blatant Election Year Posturing

Friday, 03 September 2010 12:11
Oregonians need a senator who stands up for them all the time, not just in the months before an election


September 3, 2010

PORTLAND– Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Huffman made the following statement in response to Sen. Ron Wyden’s letter to Oregon Health Authority director Bruce Goldberg. Wyden is now encouraging the state to seek a waiver from certain ObamaCare rules.

“Ron Wyden claims that he stands up for Oregon, but when he was the deciding vote on the Obamacare legislation he was standing up for his party – not for Oregonians. Now Ron Wyden is trying to backtrack by offering a carve-out for Oregon that would not be effective until 2017 – long after the legislation is already in effect. It’s easy to see that Ron Wyden is posturing during an election year, trying to cover up for 30 years of ineffectiveness in the U.S. Congress. Oregonians need a senator who stands up for them all the time, not just in the months before an election.”

Contact: John Vinson

(503) 597-8725

Jim Huffman is Oregon’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. He has taught constitutional law at Lewis & Clark Law School where he also served as dean for 13 years. Huffman lives in SW Portland with his wife, Leslie, and their 3 school-aged children.

Remember, all races are national this election cycle. To learn more about Jim Huffman and/or donate to his campaign, go here.

For your viewing pleasure, Steve Forbes endorsing Jim Huffman.

(H/T Granny)

By Logistics Monster


  • Too little too late I would say. There was a time that Americans had a break between election cycles, so things would be forgotten until the next cycle geared up. I honestly can not remember when that was so, as soon as one election is over the campaigning and coverage begins on the next election, so in that respect we are always focused, those who are paying attention, on what is going on. We remember what our representatives said and how they voted so all this looks like is butt coverage.

    • It looks like he planned to be able to use this as a defense if and only if we still remained obstinate about Obamacare. Another quote from the WSJ piece:

      This sort of thing also isn’t supposed to happen to newly passed entitlements. Democrats have long believed that once an entitlement passes, however unpopular at the time, voters and business will grow to like it and then Republicans begin to come around.

      None of the Criminals in the District ever planned for a majority of Americans to be AWAKE right now.

  • grannygripes -

    WEASEL, S WYDEN, D OR… NOW “sees the light” aw yes.. he is facing an election in 60 days and knows the voters are MAH…

    SO he is sticking it to the rest of the nation to save his POWER… exempt OREGON.. but he voted to dump on the liberties of every other citizen… aka , our friends, family, business associates in EVERY other state of the Union..

    TO DO: know anyone in OREGON… turn the lights on for them.. ask them to notify all of the other good and decent LEGAL citizens of Oregon and the USA…..

    STOP the insanity and go volunteer to get your candidates elected…
    1.. letters to the editor daily
    2.. write an opinion article daily to local papers..
    3.. go plant a sign , pick up one for a neighbor
    4.. go distribute flyers in the neighborhood.
    5. Link up articles like this EVERYWHERE on the INTERNET… EVERYWHERE.. every venue possible.
    6. start an email campaign to snowball your messages and inspiration..
    7.. organize a “citizens” voter information forum.. ( no candidate needs be there) YOu know the issues, the solutions, the tragedy… LIBRARY ROOMS are free.. build your round table forums.. use your church friends.. everyone can bring a friend a sack lunch, granny and her friends… etc…
    JUST SEE THE PEOPLE.. HELP them see the facts.. bring DVD’s references, articles… ect..
    You can build a forum on Issues to Education or ??? develop a plan then execute.. but let the people SPEAK… VITAL .. VITAL… VITAL… LET THE PEOPLE who show up SPEAK……

  • grannygripes -

    WHEN Weasel WYDEN voted to stick it to you and yours, he was expecting another coronation from the Socialist State of OREGON.. he has never been opposed before.. He began trembling when a CONSTITUTIONAL expert threw his hat in the ring and ran up to 34% without trying to defeat Weasel Wyden.. so he had to do a 180 to buy the votes in OR… he is going to save them from the tyranny against the citizens liberty that HE voted for.. that HE advocated and that HE advanced.. NOW he is cheerfully making all sorts of excuses and going to stick it to the rest of the nation…
    You gonna let him get away with this ?

  • grannygripes -

    AWESEOME article Tiger, awesome getting out early on the story..

    ONE point.. HE IS STICKING it to the rest of the nation for his own personal benefit.. He has become one of the RICHEST SENATORS by playing GOD with our lives..

    He does not even really LIVE in OREGON… he has a tiny apartment.. HE LIVES IN NY with his new wife .. and in DC… carpetbagger.. or just bagger….

  • Wyden’s current (millionaire, heiress) wife and current children live in New York. Home is where the heart is, so I believe New York has three senators and Oregon has one.

    Wyden is trumpeting that he voted against the bank bailout TWICE. Problem is that THIRD TIME when he was the deciding vote to pass it.

    One of Wyden’s top five campaign contributions ($20,000) came from Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.

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