pResident Obama: “For However Long I Remain President Of The United States”

Excuse me?  Chairman Zero states to troops at Fort Bliss on August 31st, (4:00 minute mark):

“It also means that as we transition in Iraq, that the one thing that I will insist upon for however long I remain president of the United States…”

Impeachment? The ineligibility perp-walk?  The darker route the NWO takes when their puppets stop being of value? (Which could explain the lavish lifestyle and vacations.) What?  This monster is dying to know…

Full transcript here.

(H/T KG)

By Logistics Monster


  • Or is he still fantasizing about having term limits repealed? But it sure would be nice to see some good ol’ fashioned indictments.

  • Perhaps he ment,after i postpone the November elections,declare marshal law and take power?

    • AYFKM? Listen to this windbag for 10 whole minutes? The only time I do that is with the puke bucket close. Nope – I took the shortcut – was sent the link with the time it was marked at. LOL 😉

      Besides, do you really think I have ten extra minutes to give to the NWO puppet when I am trying to ascertain exactly how many taxpayer dollars went to the creation of the Afghanistan Central Bank? Or how much acreage Monsanto is using for test lab farms in Iraq? Or why did the American Government build an embassy “CITY” instead of a building in Iraq?

      There are vortex points in the world; Iraq; Switzerland, Chicago, and a few others besides Vatican City. I’m still trying to pull the threads together…

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

      • LOL – now THAT makes sense! I was thinking along the lines of thedametruth – that you were just gritting it out so we didn’t have to listen to him. 🙂

        You are amazing, LM – I cannot believe all of the threads you are finding. And, I cannot wait to see what you discover from all of this…

        Good one, MFS!

        • Rev,

          You will find it almost impossible to believe and then again, not believe. Conspiracy FACT and EVIDENCE – it’s what’s for dinner.

  • You’re usually right on the button. Let’s hope you are this time also.

    Perhaps Obama’s embassy city in Iraq is to provide all his muslim friends and cohorts with their own Vatican City.

    Thanks for the Emails. As I’m able I’m working on it. The road back seems to be a lot more difficult this time, but I’ll make it.
    Keep up the good work. I try to read every day, evenif I can’t always comment.

    • Lee – the embassy city isn’t Obama’s; it’s the globalists – the question that I am running down is WHY? There are a few other things happening in Iraq and Afghanistan that keep pointing to this area of the world (and certain choice parts of the African continent) becoming the globalists’ stronghold – and considering all the chatter about what they are planning (not confirmed yet), I have to wonder – “why there?”

      Everyone needs to understand that “they” have been using the American Corporate Owned Moos as the revenue stream to fund all this sh** for over 100 hundred years. Makes sense – world domination without spending a dime of your own money.

      Can someone explain to me why Americans should pay for the launch of the Afghanistan Central Bank? I know why the globalists want it, but should we be paying for it?

      I am currently reading the Congressional Research Service’s report on U.S. Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan – I might be able to answer a few questions with this 23 page report.

      I’ll let you know when the puzzle becomes clearer.

  • jojo glass -

    Wow! So I’m not the only one who instantly hits “MUTE” when I see that ugly face pop up. Sometimes I get sick, even with the sound off, just watching him wave that arrogant nose from left to right. Notice he NEVER, EVER looks straight at his audience??

  • The sad part is the Embassy City was planned and started under the Bush administration. They are all in this together. Until we can reduce government, we will be subjects to them.

    • So correct! Everytime I see a report that people want Bush 43 back, I have to grab the puke bucket. When are the moos going to realize that the Bushes are running the Obamas? Didn’t anybody see the post and photos of Bush 41 and 43 visiting Obama on a saturday morning at the WH?

  • I think this is “Alibama’s” plan: November 3rd,after all the crooks running for re-election…oops, I mean buying their positions, are voted out, Barry will realize: “I’ve lost my power base, what am I gonna do now? I know, I’ll create a national incident, declare “Martial law”, thereby suspending the elections, and the Constitution, which will keep ALL my “yes” people in office and I can be the permanent King…I mean president and Meechele can be queen. But wait! I forgot to take all the guns away from the people first, so I don’t think it will work.”

    • He’s beaten dude, and he knows it. The NWO has gotten their off the reservation lackey back in line. That’s what I am seeing. The marxists tried to double-cross the globalists and “blew their long game” (RedLemur). I’m actually surprised that they are allowing Obama to continue, but that would create even more problems for the NWO – Biden. LOL

  • This is the coolest find, LM! I’m glad you put the minute mark where the perp said this. I can’t watch or listen to him anymore either.

    I hope he’s arrested soon. He has definitely outlived his usefulness to his handlers.

  • Why build it there? Dismiss this to mere speculation or call it superstition, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a New Babylon. Debate on this prophecy swings wide. Still it makes one think.

  • hm, do you think he’s cairvoyant ,do the skeckcy’s have sumpin planed

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