G. Edward Griffin Speaks To Ron Paul’s Requested Audit Of The US Gold Supply

G. Edward Griffin speaks to the legislation that Ron Paul is going to be introducing to audit the gold in Fort Knox and the NY Fed.  Ron Paul realizes that he has the American people on his side right now considering the events he wants to see happen from abolishing The Fed (because of the fiat debt situation), and the CIA (because of the drug trafficking) to the audits.

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By Logistics Monster


  • Okay. I’ve heard about DiamondTiger’s dream team. I’m putting my dream team out there right now. I had already decided this in my mind, but this convinces me that this is America’s best option for restoration.

    Lt. Col. Allen West for President; the only man with the integrity, a non-criminal-political career behind him (or record as it were), and some kind of clue about how American foreign diplomacy works as opposed to…

    Congressman Ron Paul for Vice President; the only person right now with the balls enough to stand up and ask for an accounting (’cause right now the American people would really like to know where the f***in’ gold went!) and just what the f*** is going on with the Fed and the Banks and the Obama Administration and the World Bank. We’re sick of it, we’re AWAKE, you don’t really think that the average American actually believes that what you asshats are doing in Washington is for the good of the country and not just to line your pockets ONCE AGAIN. DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID?

    We want Ron Paul; he understands economics, he will prosecute the criminal acts, he will END THE FED, and he will install a REAL, fair tax.

    Think about it. Now is our chance to put an end to corrupt career politicians and to them throwing away our money in an effort to collapse America into complete and utter socialism.

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