(Editor’s Note: Strap-in folks; this is going to be a very merry little ride through the labyrinth that started with a simple “pay attention” set of videos from Alex Jones and Catherine Austin Fitts.)

Meet Catherine Austin Fitts, a former HUD assistant secretary, investment banker, and entrepreneur who holds a MBA from Wharton and no longer walks on the dark side. She is also the president of Solari, Inc., managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC, and publisher of the Solari Report. (Source: Wiki)

I heard Catherine’s name for the first time two weeks ago from a fellow patriot who was surprised that I did not know about Catherine’s accidental discovery of how narcotics re-investment dollars travel through the financial food chain destroying entire communities in what can only be described as ‘ethnic cleansing’.  Stop for a moment and think about the un-taxed profit margin on the illegal drug industry versus the regulated and taxed profit margin on legitimate products. Who has more money to spread around to make their agendas happen? (More about Catherine and narco dollars after her interview with Alex Jones.)

She has given numerous interviews over the years, and she covers becoming self-sufficient in preparation for the ‘coming global disasters’.  This a three part interview totaling 39 minutes.

Part 1:

Financial Coup d’Etat

Part 2, Food:

FDA uses massive egg recall to push for egg pasteurization

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

Part 3, Water, and how do we reduce our interaction and dependence on the big corporation-run world in order to set up new networks that will help us survive:

I am still reading article after article about Catherine’s targeting by the government because of what she had discovered with software that tracked government funds through communities.  What follows is a piece that she wrote in 1999 during the course of the 18 audits and investigations into her investment firm.  After that is an interesting piece, “20 Questions“, with interesting information about the drug dollars moving through our financial system.  That of course leads to 9.11, WTC7, and the Secret Service among other organizations.

From “From the Wilderness“:

First published in 1999 by Catherine Austin Fitts:

I was ten years old when the combined action of HUD housing investment and heroin trafficking destroyed my West Philadelphia neighborhood. The combined real estate and drug play destroyed the equity in our homes and businesses. Many of us left. Those who stayed were embroiled in the increasing stress of what happens as neighborhoods deteriorate into crime and decay. I decided that I would learn how money worked. I was too young to understand fully how the combination of HUD investment and drugs could move control and ownership from the many people who lived in a community to a few people who lived outside the community.   — C.A.F.

*   *   *   *   *

I’m an investment banker. In the eighties I was a Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors at the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. I managed the firm’s large municipal and government clients. My projects included the financing of billions of dollars of improvements in New York City’s subway, bus and commuter rail systems. I also organized the financing for hundreds of millions in renovations to the infrastructures of New York and New Jersey. I regularly handled hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions.

I also helped to make tens of millions of dollars in profits for my firm and I raised tens of thousands of dollars for the George Bush Presidential campaign in 1988. Nicholas Brady, who became George Bush’s Treasury Secretary, had been my partner and boss at Dillon Read.

I was a Wall Street insider and a political insider – or so I thought. I was successful at Dillon Read because I created new investment models that helped ordinary people while making a profit. I thought “outside the box.” When Iran-Contra came and went I was oblivious. I had no idea about the drugs. It never entered my mind. Yet today I am convinced that the illegal drug trade, the enormous cheap capital it generates, and the CIA’s role as enforcer/protector for the profits of that trade is a dominant factor in the economy of this country. It is a factor, which is destroying the entire American culture and is utterly out of control. As an investor and banker and as a former Cabinet level appointee, I tell you this is true.

My evolution came slowly. In 1989 I was named Assistant Secretary of Housing-FHA Commissioner under Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp. I managed  $300 billion of mortgage insurance, mortgages and properties of the Federal Housing Administration and, as Commissioner, I advised the Secretary on another $1 trillion of mortgage financing. I was fired by Jack Kemp in late 1990 because I would not go along with the questionable political practices, which seem to be built into HUD’s machinery and purpose. But still I did not see the bigger picture.

In 1990, after leaving HUD, I started my own investment company, The Hamilton Securities Group, and I devised new and creative ways to save taxpayers billions of dollars. In 1993, Hamilton secured contracts with HUD through Secretary Henry Cisneros. Hamilton saved taxpayers billions of dollars by taking defaulted HUD housing mortgages, repackaging them and auctioning them on the private market. Hamilton began putting wealth back into inner city projects by hiring women living in HUD housing and teaching them how to use computers to build data bases on how money works in 63,000 neighborhoods throughout America. Hamilton started a data processing company with these women in a HUD project (Edgewood Terrace) in Washington. The women who lived there earned stock in the company. The company made money and proved the concept of what on-line access in communities could do to build jobs and businesses.  We used the success of that effort to persuade HUD to fund computer learning centers in other housing projects. Hamilton was extremely successful. We made millions and we saved the government billions.

Fulfilling my childhood dream, Hamilton also created new software and money management tools, which were, for the first time ever, able to map down to the neighborhood, exactly how HUD and other federal money worked, who profited when loans defaulted, and how money came into or left a community. For example, we were often able to see where HUD was spending $100-250,000 per unit on apartment buildings when there was single family housing available within walking distance for $25-50,000.

Secretary Cisneros had been extremely supportive of our work. We had unrestricted access to rich quantities of government financial data that was supposedly public but hard to understand. We were translating that into useable information so that people in any community could see how the money flowed through their neighborhood. We helped HUD get increasing amounts of data up on its web site. An unforeseen side effect for the women at Edgewood, and for Hamilton, was that by seeing clearly how the clean money worked, we also began to see how the dirty money worked.

As an investor for more than twenty years, I believed that it was actually more profitable for people to own their own neighborhoods and businesses and to know exactly how the money worked. The MONEY MAPS we made were so simple to understand that they looked like comic books.

As it turns out we mapped a great deal more than we knew.

In 1996, as reporter Gary Webb was busy writing a series of stories connecting CIA and the Contras to the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, I was busy using the money maps in a way that would help people move people from government subsidies to home ownership and entrepreneurship.

I was also advocating that U.S. government investment in communities should be subject to the same public disclosure rules that private companies are obligated to follow under the Securities and Exchange Commission Rules. If you are a shareholder in a company, that company is using your money. The law requires that they use your money legally and that they do their best to protect your money and make you more. To earn money, and to do so in a fair, honest and competitive way, federal and state laws require companies to report performance and key transactions to you, the shareholder. Every citizen is a shareholder in the government. If governments worked like they require corporations to work, they would be required to report to you, in the sunshine, exactly how the money was working, in your neighborhood, and you could either approve – or disapprove of the fairness and effectiveness of that, based upon your understanding of your own needs. That is very threatening to those who have used agencies like HUD as a trough to pay off political cronies.

On August 1, 1996, I gave the keynote address at a Neighborhood Networksconference in Boston, Massachusetts to 500 owners, managers and tenants in private HUD housing.  As part of the speech I showed a slide of one of our money maps of Los Angeles. As I put the slide up I made the following statement:

One of the products that has been most successful for the first data servicing sites, Edgewood Technology Services, has been “geo-coding” databases and mapping. I wanted to show you this map; it’s up on the World Wide Web. This is a map of Los Angeles. Can anyone figure out where south central LA is from looking at where the HUD properties are on this map? This is the same thing as the Washington DC map I showed earlier. The little red dots are single family properties that were financed by (now) defaulted HUD-held mortgages. This map was geo-coded and designed and programmed by a woman who, four months before, had been on unemployment compensation and is a tenant in HUD housing”

If you compare this map with the fact that Freeway Ricky Ross – the crack cocaine kingpin described in Gary Webb’s Dark

Alliance was known for buying up real estate along the Harbor Freeway and selling drugs throughout this exact area – the mathematical correlation is staggering. Every dot represents a HUD mortgage where the taxpayers lost money in a defaulted FHA loan and where somebody else bought the property for pennies on the dollar. Most of those loans defaulted as the crack cocaine epidemic ravaged Los Angeles. The taxpayers bear the costs of not only the defaulted mortgages, but also deterioration in property value, the crime, and ultimately the depopulation due to very expensive prison warehousing and welfare.

Exactly who bought and traded in properties throughout this area should be the subject of congressional hearings looking into corrupt HUD practices from the period and continuing to this day. I suspect that many of the same players connected to the Savings and Loan scandals, who have also been tied to Iran-Contra and CIA’s drugs will surface yet again. Demographically it is also easy to see now that the racial composition of South Central has changed radically and that African-Americans have been geographically and politically fragmented as, I believe, an intended result. Their political power has been weakened.

Just days after showing this first map, I received a subpoena from the Office of the Inspector General of HUD asking for extensive data and records from Hamilton. Suddenly, the loan sales and Hamilton were under investigation. The HUD IGÕs actions were doubly surprising given their intimate involvement in and positive feedback about the loan sales program and because a HUD OIG audit team had just finished an audit of the loan sales program and had informed our project manager and HUD that our performance was excellent and there were no problems whatsoever.

At the same time, we got calls from a team of reporters from US News & World Report. They had been assured “at the highest levels” of the HUD Inspector GeneralÕs office that we were guilty of criminal action and that I and would soon be indicted. The recent favorable audit disappeared. Investigators started doing interviews where they did more seed planting than information gathering.

The “investigators” at HUD started suggesting to reporters that bid rigging had occurred in the loan sales. This was just after members of the HUD IG audit team had actually sat in on one sale, and concluded that bid rigging was impossible. They had also concluded that there was no way that “rigging” could have taken place because in a sealed-bid auction, you cannot favor one bidder when all bidders have access to the same information. That audit report was suppressed while the IG investigators pushed the exact opposite notion to reporters.

On August 10, Bob Dole announced Jack Kemp as his running mate. Meantime, the Republican appropriations committee, chaired by Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis of San Bernardino, gave Susan Gaffney, the HUD IG a large appropriations increase for her program Operation Safe Home, which targeted black communities for visible media “wag-the-dog” roundups of drug offenders. At the same time, our model for computer learning and data processing by people who had a stake in the company that did the work was adopted by Unicorp. Unicorp is the Department of Justice private business that markets prison labor to federal agencies.

Suddenly, the black people who were apparently not smart enough to do database and software development near their children and parents were more than competent enough to do it in prison. The prison investment boom was taking off, fueled by new and longer mandated sentences. We at Hamilton felt like we were walking around with a big bullseye on our back because we wanted the communities of America to know what we knew, which was how to make maps that tracked the money flow in their own home towns.

I was not the only one dealing with Inspector General inquiries. The HUD officials working with me were also inundated with an investigation marked by leaks and dirty tactics. The former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily at HUD, Helen Dunlap, was one of the people targeted. She was from California and had previously run the California Housing Partnership. She had lots of experience in real estate and community development in Los Angeles. Gary Squier, the Housing Commissioner of LA, on loan from Los Angeles, who was not involved in mortgage sales with Hamilton, nonetheless found himself dealing with similar probes from the HUD OIG. He was later to be turned down for a position by the White House despite impeccable credentials. No one could figure out why.

Suddenly I was persona non grata to long time friends and business relations in and around the government. I believe the leak campaign was far more sophisticated than something the HUD Inspector General could or would do on her own. It appeared that major economic and political powers had ordered that Hamilton be destroyed. More importantly, they wanted the evidence of what we knew – the maps – destroyed. That is also why, to this day, we believe the Federal government has destroyed many, but not all, of our tools and databases.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but I am now convinced that in the summer of 1996, our software and mapping techniques uncovered evidence of ethnic cleansing on Los Angeles. Hamilton’s map revealed that one of the most significant effects of the crack cocaine epidemic was that black homeowners, faced with payments on unlivable and unsellable properties, simply defaulted and fled the city to get away from the shootings and the drugs. Those properties: industrial, residential and commercial were scooped up for pennies on the dollar. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know who bought the properties and how much money has been made on them since?

Thanks to people like Gary Webb, Peter Dale Scott (Cocaine Politics), Alex Cockburn (Whiteout), Mike Ruppert, brave DEA Agents like Celerino Castillo – and now to the CIA’s own reports  – we can prove that the CIA knew full well what it was doing. And, as is his particular gift, Mike Ruppert, who gives us permission to see the obvious, has established that blacks were targeted by CIA and that the people who control our intelligence agencies are the same ones who control our economy and Wall Street. Mike has taken great pains to document these things in previous issues of From The Wilderness.


Ethnic cleansing is a bit trickier in South Central Los Angeles than it is in South Central Europe. It is essential in a “democracy” to have people do it in a way that makes it look like they’re “doing it” to themselves. You need a socially induced suicide.

So how do you get people to commit suicide? You make it very attractive for their children to make money doing something illegal. Then you arrest them for it in a very visible way (Remember the battering rams and armored cars?).  You design stories to make people blame themselves for what has happened. This is how branding works. Pepsi = tastes good, Black people = cause illegal drugs and crime.  Support all this by a national media owned by defense contractors and other corporate interests. That way the nightly news has lots of moneymaking incentives to cover HUD OIG sponsored drug raids in black communities rather than doing a story on CIA drug trafficking.

The most efficient ethnic cleansing is self-financed or, better yet, profitable. Drugs and alcohol are excellent tools toward this end, especially when they are combined with easy access to guns. Sell large amounts of addictive substances to a group of people in an area you want to take over, then use the cash flow to buy up their homes and commercial real estate for 10 cents on the dollar, without much competition, while you enjoy the full value of their cash flow. You can then afford the long holding period required to make the land profitable again after the cleansing period is over.

I believe that if the Federal government would make citizens’ data (and it is our data) available, instead of trying to suppress it, it would prove that taxpayers are losing money to fund ethnic cleansing while the people in South Central LA are losing their lives.  And I believe that it was the effectiveness of our maps which threatened to expose the deeper financial agendas of the eighties. I believe our current model, the Solari Investment Model,  (www.solarivillage.com) which I am still developing, may well tie Iran-Contra, The Savings and Loan Scandals and the HUD scandals of the late 1980s into one big economic package designed to benefit a very few. The way to start to do this is to look closely at all the government investment, credit and regulations in Los Angeles since 1980.

Our maps suggest to me and others that the crack cocaine epidemic, created by the CIA was, I believe, just as much a program of ethnic cleansing and land grabbing economic warfare as it was about a bunch of rebels in Central America who were notthe equivalent of our Founding Fathers. But this kind of ethnic cleansing was hard to contain and it spread to other races and classes. It reached the rural and suburban neighborhoods of places like Iowa, Ohio and Tennessee. By the end of the 1980Õs it had reached all my friends and relatives who listen to Rush Limbaugh, voted for George Bush and donated money to Oliver North – not knowing that, according to CIA’s own reports, the networks he controlled were the key to the supply of drugs flowing to their kids and communities.  As Michael Ventura once wrote, “We all live in the South Bronx now.” White families all across America were hurt by drugs and violence and their pocketbooks also got drained, even as the media reinforced the notion that drugs were a black problem.


© Copyright 1999. From The Wilderness Publications

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After the 1996 election, Secretary Cisneros was asked to resign from HUD. The choice of Cisneros’ successor seemed strange and somehow connected to Hamilton’s predicament. The Afro-American mayor of Seattle was widely considered to be a shoe-in. After the White House floated his name, another investigation by the HUD OIG into possible misuse of HUD monies in Seattle caused him to be dropped. Two days later we were assured that an Afro-American woman from Los Angeles, Yvonne Braithwaite-Burke, was the President’s leading candidate. Then suddenly, she disappeared from the radar screen and Andrew Cuomo was announced with surprisingly strong bipartisan support for someone with such a partisan history.

Cuomo moved into the Secretary’s office at HUD from his then current position as Assistant Secretary for Community Development and Planning. Rumors started to float around the’HUD networks about minorities and people sympathetic to minorities being moved out. Meantime, the new Secretary made it clear that his top priority was enforcement and it appeared that the Secretary and the OIG were going to compete for an ever-growing budget via media-worthy enforcement actions. So, then came the Urban Fraud Initiative and increased funding for Operation Safe Home, targeting tenants, real estate owners and managers in black communities. At the time, we made no connection between these actions and the promotion of prison privatization by Vice President Gore’s National Performance Review. New Federal sentencing guidelines helped increase black inmates to approximately 50% of a rapidly expanding prison population. All this at an extraordinary cost to taxpayers.

As the audits of Hamilton continued, forcing us to spend hundreds of thousands on legal fees, Secretary Cuomo and the Inspector General’s staff, who were later to withhold $2 million in payments, became obsessed with seizing our data and software.  This was software we were planning on giving away via the web! The critical issue from October 1997 through the following March seemed to be – our knowledge! In October, great emphasis was placed on our returning all of our HUD databases, including those that were supposed to be publicly available, and certifying that we had done so. In the following months, the HUD OIG tried to seize all of our documents, including originals, with no basis in law. After demanding physical access to our computers, government employees made back-ups of our data which, whether intentionally or not,  seriously damaged it.

And no one has yet officially accused us of any wrongdoing. We were, and are to this day, only being investigated. It is clear to us that the intent of this campaign was to drive the company into bankruptcy. The leak campaign against the company and me has since reached new heights of absurdity. As the HUD IG keeps assuring the media that that I am guilty of criminal violations they now have investigators focusing on my sex life!  Worse still, HUD IG agents recently showed up at the home of my 72 year old uncle with a subpoena for records of a family owned farm house that doesn’t even have indoor plumbing, implying some kind of fraudulent transaction. Members of my family have reduced or cut off communications, fearing they could be targeted too.

After court battles and negotiation, in March of 1998 HUD insisted that all of our computers be scrubbed. We were not going to be allowed to transfer our own proprietary data and the Federal District Court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, appointed a Special Master as trustee to manage all our digital and paper records. Inexplicably, HUD was quite upset when they found we had taken our main server with us and not sold it, in spite of the government’s destruction of its files. The HUD investigator made it clear that we could not keep the server because – “We were not allowed to have any of the knowledge”. We could not explain this bizarre position and neither could they.

What I did not know until approximately a year later, after reviewing tapes of Mike Ruppert’s lectures, was that hearings were held on Volume I of the CIA Inspector General’s report on the Dark Alliance allegations on March 16 of 1998. At the same moment the government was trying to steal Hamilton’s data and knowledge.

We also did not notice in February when Vice President Al Gore announced that Secretary Cuomo was bestowing an empowerment zone and $300 million in tax credits on Maxine Water’s congressional district.  That was just before the March 16th hearing where Maxine Waters performed brilliantly against CIA in a show that nobody watched. We were busy, at the time, moving our computers over to our law firm to protect the MONEY MAPS from a series of break-ins and other harassment around my home.

Our growing fear of being set up in an asset forfeiture case, after the Department of Justice threatened my assets personally, dominated our lives and does so to this day.

And so we did not notice when the damning Volume II of the CIA Inspector General’s report was released on October 8th, one hour after Henry Hyde’s Committee started the Impeachment inquiry.  And we did not notice that Maxine Waters’ voice suddenly fell almost silent as Bill Clinton saved his presidency by blackmailing the Republicans with Volume II and its contents. I made efforts to communicate with Maxine Waters in November and December 1998 about possible connections between our case and CIA drug dealing but, aside from an initial contact, our calls were not returned. [FTW placed telephone and e-mail requests to both the LA and Washington offices of Maxine Waters to ascertain whether the $300 million tax credit award in March, 1998 was spontaneous or the result of a previously submitted request. As of press time we have received no response. – ED]

To date we estimate that the HUD Inspector General investigation targeting my companies and me has cost the American taxpayer $35MM. To date we have not been successful in getting the Department of Justice or the HUD OIG to tell us what they are investigating or even who is in charge of the investigation. The investigation continues with no end in site. We have multiple lawsuits filed against HUD and are filing more. We continually hear Judge Stanley Sporkin, rule against us with statements that he disagrees with the law so we should take it up with Congress.

The company I founded, Hamilton, was liquidated a year ago to pay the bills of the ongoing campaign to discredit us. As a result of the persecution we have lost more than one hundred million dollars. I have sold my home, lost millions of dollars in unpaid HUD contracts, endured eighteen audits, burglaries, physical harassment and an unending smear campaign which has produced not a single complaint or indictment after almost three years. I believe this is because I have the pieces to help prove that what Gary Webb stumbled upon was ethnic cleansing – American style.

My bottom-line? For those of you pushing for testimony on Volume II, let’s try another tactic. Let’s push for a Congressional and GAO investigation on how all the federal investment, credit and regulation worked in Los Angeles from 1980 to 1994. Let’s look at how our government was used, from CIA to DEA to HUD, to destroy and loot our communities. The key is HUD. Let’s look at how the Section 8 owners, managers and tax partnership beneficiaries worked along side the drug traffickers. Let’s look for patterns of loan brokering, money laundering, cleansing and other relationships between real estate, land, prison growth and privatization and the kind of investors who control CIA and intelligence networks. Then let’s look how this ties in to campaign fundraising.

The present economic and political system is not sustainable and must collapse – or change. New investment models in the information age will show us that integrity, honesty and win-win investment models, rooted in community and place based autonomy are actually more profitable than the liquidate and destroy models currently operating. Like the auto mechanic said

to the car owner who needed repairs, “You can either pay some now – or pay a lot more later.”  But we have to solve some problems first. Finding the will to do that is made easier for me as I recall the words of Bishop Alfred Owens of the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, “If we can face it. God can fix it.”

After a lifetime of study, from Wharton to the inner sancta of government, I believe I have found the solution to a very real corruption which neither Congress nor Wall Street presently possess the ability to stop. It is a new investment model, born of the Information Age, which will save both the just and the unjust alike by turning the current Industrial Age investment model upside down and making what was once secret – available to all. As the edge of the precipice approaches and as our economic snake eats its own tail it shouldn’t be long before those who have scoffed at the truth-tellers recognize that we are the ones with the maps to lead them out of the jungle.

You can learn more about the Solari investment model by visiting www.solarivillage.com.


Catherine Austin Fitts, is a 1978 Graduate of the Wharton School of Business with an MBA in Finance. From1978 to 1989, at the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co she served in the Corporate Finance, Energy Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Public Finance Departments. From 1986-9 Fitts was a Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors.

From 1989-90 Fitts served as Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. From 1991-7 she served as President/CEO of the Hamilton Securities Group with aggregate revenues of $50 million, an employee base of 50 and portfolio strategy responsibilities for $400  billion of financial assets.

She is now President and CEO of Solari, Inc; a Washington consulting firm specializing in equity based neighborhood investment models for the Information Age.

Catherine Austin Fitts Poses 20 Questions on Enron-

Jan. 24, 2002

Ok, let’s play 20 questions:

When The Mexican bail out occurred and the Russian IMF loans in 1998 happened, were did the money go?

It went from one bank account at a NY Fed member bank to another bank account at another NY Fed member bank, indeed it appears that the money never digitally or physically left Wall Street…..

Ok, so lets not talk about money missing from Mexico or Russia, but from the USA….Money missing from US Treasury, HUD and DOD…..

Who is the US depository for the US Treasury?

NY Fed….that is, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Bank of New York, Goldman, etc….

Who handles all the accounts for the HUD servicing?


Who are the primary dealers on the US Treasury auctions….

Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Bank of New York, Goldman

Who are the firms accused on manipulating the gold market by GATA

Fed, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Goldman

GATA also says that there appear to be manipulations of the stock market by the Treasury/Fed…something they call the “plunge protection team.” What dealers are doing that…

Fed, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Goldman

Who laundered $3 trillion out of the US gov’t? Where did it go? Who got it?

Don’t know but it could not have been pulled out without Fed, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Goldman knowing how much and where it went….

How did they launder the money offshore?

Don’t know…

Who were Enron’s big trading partners?

Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Goldman, etc.

Who were Enron’s big lenders and investment bankers?

Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Goldman, UBS

How much were Swiss Bank accounts up as of March 2001

Swiss bank accounts were up by an unexpected $8 trillion in on shore and off shore accounts

The most sensitive Enron trading records were in Enron On Line. It was just auctioned. Who were the big bidders?

Morgan-Chase, Citibank, etc.

Who won control of Enron OnLine?

UBS, one of the largest swiss banks

Who is the most recent board member of UBS?

Lawrence Weinbach, former Chairman of Arthur Anderson

Other board connections?

Pug Winokur, chairman of Enron’s finance committee, is chairman of the compensation committee of the DynCorp board and has a partner who is on the DynCorp board with him, Dudley Mecum who is on Citibank’s board. Frank Savage is also a member of Lockheed Martin’s board. DynCorp and Lockheed manage substantial information and accounting/payment systems for the agencies with missing money and the agencies in charge of enforcement.

Trick Questions:

Enron’s reported sales through 2000 represented a five year 57% increase.

Did any of that money flow through Houston or did it just flow around NY Fed bank accounts and their offshore correspondants.

And did it flow from a NY Fed bank account that said “US Treasury” on it…

How long would it take DynCorp, manager of the PROMIS system for DOJ paid by the taxpayer, to determine sources and uses of money through the Enron trading accounts and find and seize all offshore Enron monies?

How long would it take a company like Lockheed and DynCorp to help steal it?

How long would an incoming Bush Administration have to keep Enron afloat before they banks had all the money trail safely destroyed? Why has the DOJ allowed Enron time to sell Enron OnLine and time to shred all their documents and to allow Arthur Anderson time to shred their documents?

I have lost a number of readers that believe I am totally crackers because I believe that our government was involved in the the 9.11 Attack on the World Trade Center. Over the course of the years since yet another massive lie was perpetrated against the American public, numerous scientists and architects continue to expose the discrepancies in the evidence that states 19 radical muslim hijackers committed this atrocious crime all by themselves.

Ever wonder why World Trade Center Building 7 was ‘pulled’?

By Devvy Kidd

Cheney and Guiliani

I don’t believe that anyone who has read the Kean Commission Report aka the 9/11 Omission Commission and Crossing the Rubicon, can have any doubts whatsoever that Richard Cheney, VP of these united States of America is up to his black heart in what really happened that day. This statement is not made for any political party considerations because I belong to no political party. My assessment is based on the massive amount of documented evidence. The American people have been fed half truths poisoned with out right lies and it must be exposed.

How very convenient that on 9/11 there just happened to be a virtual army of federal and state agencies practically on top of ground zero. See pg 405, Crossing the Rubicon: “Guiliani dropped the bomb about Tripod II war game in his opening statement. The implications of his disclosure were to reach far and deep.”

“Guiliani’s testimony before the Kean Commission, May 19, 2004:

“And the reason Pier 92 was selected as the command center was because on the next day, on September 12, Pier 92 was going to have a drill. It had hundreds of people here from FEMA, from the federal government, from the state, from the State Emergency Management Office, and they were getting ready for a drill for a biochemical attack. So that was going to be the place they were going to have the drill.

“The equipment was already there. So we were able to establish a command center there within three days that was two and one half to three times bigger than the command center that we had lost at 7 WTCenter. And it was from there that the rest of the search and rescue effort was completed.” End of quote.

World Trade Center 7 was deliberately demolished; the debris (evidence) hauled away over the objection of 9/11 families. Its collapse was not the result of any damage from the two towers, see here. The first question that would come to mind is why that building? What was inside? Perhaps these facts will help:

1. WTC 7 housed the largest CIA station in the United States outside of Washington DC.
2. In addition to the CIA, WTC 7 also housed the NYC offices of the IRS, FBI, and SEC.
3. Many months later, a government source was quoted in the mainstream press saying that the records stored in these offices – including years of evidence files – were, for the most part, lost without backup. Evidence files that were part of active investigations into such things as organized crime, bank and securities fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism. Congressman Tauzin was looking into records relating to Enron; now deleted. How unfortunate because it makes you wonder what these documents could tell us.

The web site 9/11research carries a well done photo layout with this:

“World Trade Center 7’s tenants included the Secret Service, the IRS, and several financial institutions, including the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC lost numerous ongoing case investigations,including Enron’s files in the collapse. WTC 7 also housed Mayor Giuliani’s Emergency Command Center.”

Which leads me to my last tidbit for this article, the Secret Service.  I was, like many Americans, only familiar with the fact that the Secret Service guards government officials and visiting dignitaries.  I have been curious why they were a department of the Treasury (until March, 2003 when they became part of DHS), so I went looking.  Here are some important benchmarks in the SS’s timeline from their own site.


1865 The Secret Service Division was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency. Chief William P. Wood was sworn in by Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch.

1867 Secret Service responsibilities were broadened to include “detecting persons perpetrating frauds against the government.” This appropriation resulted in investigations into the Ku Klux Klan, non-conforming distillers, smugglers, mail robbers, land frauds, and a number of other infractions against the federal laws.

1901 Congress informally requested Secret Service Presidential protection following the assassination of President William McKinley.

1902 The Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for protection of the President. Two operatives were assigned full time to the White House Detail.

1908 Secret Service began protecting the president-elect. Also, President Roosevelt transferred Secret Service agents to the Department of Justice. They formed the nucleus of what is now the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

1915 President Wilson directed the Secretary of the Treasury to have the Secret Service investigate espionage in the United States.

1922 White House Police Force created on October 1, 1922, at the request of President Harding.

1930 White House Police Force was placed under the supervision of the Secret Service.

1984 Congress enacted legislation making the fraudulent use of credit and debit cards a federal violation. The law also authorized the Secret Service to investigate violations relating to credit and debit card fraud, federal-interest computer fraud, and fraudulent identification documents.

1990 The Secret Service received concurrent jurisdiction with Department of Justice law enforcement personnel to conduct any kind of investigation, civil or criminal, related to federally insured financial institutions.
1994 The passage of the 1994 Crime Bill Public Law 103-322, in part, revised Title 18 USC Section 470, providing that any person manufacturing, trafficking in, or possessing counterfeit U.S. currency abroad may be prosecuted as if the act occurred within the United States.

2001 The Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56) increased the Secret Service’s role in investigating fraud and related activity in connections with computers. In addition it authorized the Director of the Secret Service to establish nationwide electronic crimes taskforces to assist the law enforcement, private sector and academia in detecting and suppressing computer-based crime; increased the statutory penalties for the manufacturing, possession, dealing and passing of counterfeit U.S. or foreign obligations; and allowed enforcement action to be taken to protect our financial payment systems while combating transnational financial crimes directed by terrorists or other criminals.

2002 The Department of Homeland Security was established with the passage of (Public Law 107-296) which in part, transfered the United States Secret Service from the Department of the Treasury, to the new department effective March 1, 2003.

2006 The network of Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Forces expanded from 15 to 24 nationwide task forces dedicated to fighting high-tech, computer-based crimes through successful public-private partnerships.

In regard to WTC 7:

U.S. Secret Service

“World Trade Center Building 7 stood in the shadow of the North Tower. Inside the 47-story building: the US Secret Service’s largest field office with more than 200 employees. On September 11 all of them escaped, but Building 7 was reduced to rubble. This week on “CyberCrime,” an exclusive look into the hours, weeks, and months following 9/11 and how the US Secret Service was able to recover thanks to the largest cybercrime team in the country — the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force (NYECTF).

“All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building,” according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran — the number three guy in that office. “We lost our network, we lost all our computers, we lost all the equipment that we use as Secret Service Agents. Everything from machine guns to our shotguns to our electronic equipment that we use.”

But despite their physical losses, nothing could shake the field office’s solid foundation. This week on “CyberCrime,” you’ll see how the members of the NYECTF came to the Secret Service’s rescue. Watch as more than 50 law enforcement agencies, 200 corporations, and 12 universities donate tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and hundreds of volunteer hours to enable the US Secret Service’s New York office become operational within just 48 hours of the attacks.”


Watch the WTC Building 7 segment – “A lot of cases had to be closed as a result of losing that building.” – David Curran.

Gerald Lynch of John Jay College helped post 9-11 & allowed the SS to use building to resume work.

Special Agent Robert W Weaver of the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force – Statement to House Committee on Science, June 24th 2002

More info: http://www.sbq.com/sbq/wireless/sbq_wireless_disaster.pdf

Weaver: “We lost Craig Miller, an employee that we still can’t find. His body has never been recovered. People here are still grief stricken.” (first quarter, 2002)

Steve Carey – SS special agent in charge or recreating task force.

“When 7 World Trade Center came down on Sept. 11, an agent on loan from Washington, special officer Craig Miller, perished, and the entire Secret Service office was buried in that building. Yet, despite the devastation, the New York Electronic Crime Task Force has stepped up its operations in credit card fraud and for Osama Bin Laden’s money”

http://www.ectaskforce.org/City_Leads_Way.pdf [link expired]

” One employee, Master Special Officer Craig Miller, died during the rescue efforts. Miller was temporarily assigned to New York in preparation for the United Nations General Assembly.”http://www.ustreas.gov/usss/press/pub1202.pdf

“in selfless dedication to others, Master Special Officer Craig Miller was lost in the collapse of the World Trade Center.”


Are you wondering, as I am, about what evidence the Secret Service had that was “lost” in the collapse of WTC7?

Tenants of WTC7; which has sparked yet another linkage, but I need more time to find the information and pdfs that the list of tenants has triggered in my sleep deprived brain.  Will post that information in another article soon.

The Tenants

Tenant List (provided by CoStar Group Inc)

Building:7 World Trade Center
TenantSquare Feet LeasedFloorIndustry
Salomon Smith Barney1,202,900GRND,1-6,13,18-46Financial Institutions
Internal Revenue Service Regional Council90,43024,25Government
U.S. Secret Service85,3439,10Government
American Express Bank International106,1177,8,13Financial Institutions
Standard Chartered Bank111,39810,13,26,27Financial Institutions
Provident Financial Management9,0007,13Financial Institutions
ITT Hartford Insurance Group122,59019-21
First State Management Group, Inc4,00021Insurance
Federal Home Loan Bank47,49022Financial Institutions
NAIC Securities22,50019Insurance
Securities & Exchange Commission106,11711,12,13Financial Institutions
Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt45,81523Government

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