Why Does Obama Have Two Companies Incorporated In The UK?

A growing number of the American public is learning that on 2.21.1871, Congress passed the Act of 1871 establishing a separate government for the District of Columbia; a corporation which has subverted the original Constitution, (check out the video at the end of this post).  This is what the Restore America Plan has been all about; undoing 139 years of treason against American Sovereigns.  (3…2…1…the site implodes again…)

United States Code, Title 28, 3002:

(15) “United States” means—

(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

I received a very interesting email that showed, among other items, that Barack Obama has two companies incorporated in his name in the UK according to Alfred Adask (his post below).  How many Barack Obamas exist in the world? Do any Monster readers in England want to do some digging?  Is this how the revenue is redistributed to the Queen and the international banksters?

(Click on the photos to go to the UK company listing.)

Incorporated November 10, 2008 (The same day he and Michelle went to the White House to meet the Bushes)

Barack, Michelle Obama at the White House with President, Laura Bush. Robert Gibbs met with Dana Perino


Incorporated the day after inauguration.

Alfred Adask decided to do a Manta company search on the “Government of the United States” and found what a slowly awakening population is learning; the US government is a corporation.  Make sure to hit the link and read the entire article; his research is eye-opening.

Somethin’ Funny’s Goin’ On

The Manta.com website includes a database of over 63 million US and foreign companies.  That database info is provided by Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B).   Manta.com will provide preliminary information on each of these millions of companies for free.  If you want more “in-depth” info, there’s a fee.

But since this article is about “funny” stuff, and paying fees isn’t fun, let’s run a few free searches and see what we can find.  You might be surprised.

For example, if you type “Government of the United States” into the Manta.com search engine, you’ll be whisked to a list of “7,666 matching US companies”.

The first “company” on the list is:

“Government of the United States (US Government) HQ

“the u.s. Capitol Washington DC”

The “HQ” stands for “headquarters”.

If you scroll down the list of other companies below the “Government of the United States,” you’ll find “branches” like “Executive Office of the United States Government” (6 entries), “United States Department of the Air Force (US Government),” “The Navy United States Department of (US Government Naval Reserves),” and “United States Court of Appeals For The 11th Circuit United States Courthouse”.

Somethin’ funny’s goin’ on here.

•  If you’re up for even more funny stuff, enter “Nancy Pelosi” into the Manta.com search engine.  You’ll be taken to a list of “2 matching U.S. companies”:

1) “United States House of Representatives (Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi) BRANCH” at her San Francisco address; and

2) “Representative Nancy Pelosi (Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi) BRANCH” at her Washington DC address.

Click the #1 link, look for the heading “About United States House of Representatives,” and you’ll read:

“United States House Of Representatives is a private company categorized under Legislative Bodies, National and located in San Francisco, CA . . . .”

Whut th’ . . . ?!

The US House of Representative is “a private company”?!  And it’s “located in San Francisco, CA” (the home of the Speaker of the House)?


Look under the heading “United States House of Representatives Business Information” and you’ll read:

“United States House Of Representatives also does business as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.”

The House of Representatives not only “does business” but does so “as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi”?  Is “Nancy Pelosi” something like a trademark, alter ego or registered agent for the “private company” we call the “House of Representatives”?  Is she the CEO and/or D/B/A for the House of Representatives, Inc.?

Incidentally, the 2009 edition of Manta.com’s report on Nancy Pelosi (that I recorded and saved) declared that the US House of Representatives was “also traded as Nancy Pelosi”.

Also traded as?! What does that mean?  Are we talking about packages of bubble gum that include government “trading cards” featuring photos of the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi?  Or is the House of Representatives and/or Nancy Pelosi some sort of stock?  If so, who’s buying, who’s selling?  Who owns that “company”?

I did some cruising around Manta.com’s site and found a few interesting screenshots for you to peruse:

Click to go to the Manta.com page
Click to go to the Manta.com page
Click to go to the Manta.com page
Click to go to the Manta.com page

YOU are a revenue stream for the federal corporation of the United States, and there is still more questions than answers…

By Logistics Monster


  • WTH does this mean? And what are we gonna(supposed to) do about it? This is freakin’ me out. I have brushed off this “crap” for over a year now. However, I respect your work and word here.
    What now?

    • I don’t know and not much yet. What I do know is this is another piece in the puzzle that is going to drop into place for a person that runs across the right set of informational circumstances. Everybody needed to know that our government and pols are “companies” and tuck it away. Do you understand?

      As for getting our country back? We are doing it right now and need to keep going after 2010 and 2012.

      It is very hard to ignore the fact that every federal pol and government agency is listed as a private company, yes? Something is going on.

  • Swamp Music -

    I’m 52 and this is the first I’ve ever heard of this.

    • I only ran across it recently – mostly because of Practical Madman…unbelievable source of information! See his comment below.

  • Everybody needed to know that our government and pols are “companies” and tuck it away. Do you understand?

    No, I don’t understand, especially the “tuck it away” part.
    Thank you for your response. Please elaborate.
    BTW-Since i read your post, I have been tweeting it (the link) non-stop!

    • What I mean when I say “tuck it away” is keep that piece of information in the forefront of your mind so that when you run across something else that doesn’t make sense you look for the connection to all these seemingly random stupid ‘dots’. I understand why everything is listed as a private company; I am now looking for the “how” of moving our hard earned money around the globe.

      P.S. You should be freaked out. DC as a corporation owns each and every American through their SS numbers. If you want more information on what ‘Sovereign’ actually means, just let me know. I’ll send you links to help you understand. The biggest part is wrapping your head around the fact that you have been lied to on such a massive scale for so long.

  • California Patriot -

    Great work. However, if and when we find out what they are up to, who’s going to prosecute them for any wrongdoing? It’s a government of criminals, bringing charges against criminals, with criminal prosecutors, and criminal judges. The media lies and omits, and the people sleep.

  • Got it. Thanks.
    I practically (denial meter just blew up) eat, breathe and sleep this crap-every day and I don’t have a website to run.
    Thanks for all you do. Really. I, like yourself and so many other great Americans, refuse to ignore this.
    The fight will go on and in the end, THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!

    • I’m way past exhausted, but I understand what you mean. It is very hard to do the research, add 2+2, come up with 4 and think you’re not crazy for still being able to add.

      As for denial meters…does it look, walk, and act like a duck?

      Alfred’s research might just be enough to rip the top off this story and get everybody digging.

  • Practical Madman -

    (Editor’s Note: I am going to highlight some of Practical Madman’s comment because of it’s importance.)

    We should use the same methods that are being used against us. Use the Cloward & Piven approach and overwhelm the system. Every American should file a lawsuit against each and everyone of the “corporations” for solicitous behavior and misrepresenting their interest in us. I want them to show me the Social Security contract I signed. I want them to show me the contract that I signed giving them possession of and use of the “collateral” created by my birth certificate. I want a full refund of all “tax” monies collected in my lifetime through illegal extortion schemes. If every American did this, we would overwhelm the system and it would crash. We had better be ready to pick up the pieces though, and in order to accomplish this, first we must educate ourselves in the TRUE history, not the crap “THEY” taught us in the corporate indoctrination centers (oops…I mean schools).

    I love this post and the information it presents, (and I thank D.T. for her tireless work) which is 100% accurate from what I have uncovered over the years, but there is even a deeper story that we need to understand. The people that fought the Revolutionary war did not create the Constitution, they created the Articles of Confederation. That is what they fought and died for, not the “Federal Government” created by the Constitution. The men that attended the Continental Congress were given the authority to PROPOSE AMENDMENTS to the Articles, NOT create a new government. When those me entered that building, they drew the curtains and shuttered the windows (in a steamy hot July) so no one could hear what transpired. Why the secrecy? What did they not want the people they were “representing” to not hear? Seven men that attended the Convention REFUSED to sign it for they thought of it as treason. Find THAT in a history book!

    The Articles did have a few flaws, one of which was no provision for a Navy or Coast Guard, and the Constitutional Convention’s proposed amendments were to go back to the states for the people to vote on. The tactics used to get the Constitution ratified were 100% Chicago style gangland threats, and it is not even 100% verifiable that the Constitution was ever ratified 100%. The Southern States realized this and did not give the Federal Government authority over them, thus the Civil War. History books are written by the victors, and now the history books talk all about slavery, but only 2% of the South owned slaves, what were the other 98% fighting for? FREEDOM from Federal tyranny!!!! But you won’t see that in the propaganda files, oops again…I mean history books.

    We are at the point of NEEDING another Civil War to right this sinking ship. Lets try it THEIR way in THEIR system, and sue them under Admiralty laws (U.C.C. international laws) for the usury and fraud that has been perpetrated on us by them.

    Just a thought on how we may proceed? Any comments?

    The Practical Madman
    Mad? Mad you say???? I’M FURIOUS!!!!!!!

    • Madman, can you write a piece about how they use our SS and BC as collateral against loans and explain it in such a way that everybody understands the steps? I will post it – I just do not have time right now to write it as I am tracing Andrew Carnegie, the United Nations, the Secret Service and have had to stop for Steve Gibson and RightHaven (bastard is very shortsighted when it comes to helping the newspapers to survive the new media).


  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    I heard of this a while back. I saw something on it. It is very scary. We have such a huge, tangled mess to clean up , it will take us decades to do it!

  • So if it’s a corporation what are they giving me in exchange for my taxes?

  • Monster,
    You are on to something that Patriots groups have preaching for 15 to 20 years. Be very careful, I nearly went to jail in a battle with the IRS. The truth is in your favor but the judicial will fail to recognize truth. Check out this is where it started:

    Research a guy named Joseph Banister.

    Be sure you have plenty of duct tape to keep your head from expolding.

  • Why do they have a “NAICS Code” (The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy).

    US House of Reps – NAICS Code 921120

    In fact, EVERY single facet of Govt has a code:


  • Steve (the first one) -

    Because that is the only way they have authority to collect money from the citizens.

    Think about this – Do you remember when you wrote your check for Income taxes to the IRS? (A Private collection firm). Now you make the your check out to the Treasury.

    It is all about taxes folks. Even the “Fair Tax” is a trap
    I suggest you follow Devvy Kidd for more information.

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