Gerald Celente, 8.10.2010, And Russia Loading Iran Nuclear Facility on 8.21.2010

Gerald Celente of Trends Research being interviewed by George Noory on Coast To Coast AM (8.10.2010) about the upcoming war that Obama needs to lift America out of depression economic decline.  Considering Russia is about to load Iran’s Bushehr station on 8.21.2010, Mr. Celente is much closer to the truth than TPTB would like you to realize.  As a close friend of mine stated earlier today about the iranian nuclear threat, “start praying to whatever higher power you believe in…”.  This would be one of the reasons I am worried we won’t make it to November to flush the vermin out of our capitol.

Part 1:

Part 2, Property Taxes and Depression:

Amb. John Bolton on Russia helping Iran to establish a “functioning nuclear reactor”:

By Logistics Monster


  • I was having a discussion with Shtuey about the reactor. I didn’t think it was much of an issue since Russia will supply the fuel and will reprocess the spent rods. Shtuey pointed out that Russia’s agreement is as good as the fact that they promised not to fuel the reactor until next year.

    George Will says Israel will attack Iran within the next two years. The reactor can’t be attacked once fueled. Maybe that’s why Russia moved up the fueling date. Israel has 4 days to respond and it’s doubtful an attack would come during Ramadan anyway.

    Iran has other sources of Pu from two other types of reactors so taking out Busheir isn’t that important. It’s more important to destroy the facilities that are producing Pu and that are enriching U. If, at some point in the future, it becomes apparent that Russia is not living up to its agreement to reprocess the fuel rods, any attempt made by Iran to reprocess them can be dealt with at that time. The reactor itself need not be an issue.

    If the reactor is fueled without incident, it means Bibi has other plans. Ramadan ends after Rosh Hashanah at the next New Moon and then comes Yom Kippur at sundown, 9/17. This week and the time around mid-September are going to be crucial times filled with tension.

    We had a Hindenburg Omen last week, something I read about before Beck mentioned it today. It was on Drudge a few days ago and still there last I checked. Even before that, there were signs the market was due for either a breakout or breakdown. Things will be interesting in the weeks ahead.

  • Here’s a little clarification as to what is going to happen on Saturday. The Russians will be delivering the fuel rods to Bushehr where the seals will be removed by the IAEA. They will then be stored until they are actually injected into the reactor, which the Islamic Republic News Agency reports will happen on the 16th of September. Basically what this means is that nuclear fuel rods will just be sitting around waiting for installation for nearly a month…a comforting thought.

    Here’s more comfort. Paul Leventhal of the Nuclear Control Institute reports that if Iran withdrew from the NPT it could use the Bushehr plant to produce a quarter ton of plutonium a year. In order to do this fuel rods would have to be replaced every 3 or 4 months. Russia isn’t going to do this. Now you know why Iran just announced it is going to build its third enrichment facility in 2011, and plans to build a total of 10.


  • Tiny Iran the size of Rhode Island and they think they are Hong Kong.

  • ogee,

    You are slightly off on your comparison. Unfortunately, Iran is about the same size in area as the entire eastern United States. Lop off Florida and you just about have the size, and even the shape, if you rotate it, as Iran. 636,000 square miles.

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