King Barack and Queen Mishy’s High Season Is On The Rocks

Dale over at OutOfOrderBlog has hit it right out of the park AGAIN! Remember “What Change Looks Like” from the ramming thru of Obamacare?  Same great artist!

You will definitely want to pass this image around the net as it S.P.E.L.L.S.I.T.O.U.T. most eloquently.

Baroque Obama

From Dale:

A life of public service is its own reward, besides, there are a precious few that can pull off wearing ermine in August. Instead of grumbling about the first family being out of touch, let’s try to vicariously enjoy the high life that the Fun-in-the-Sun King and Michelle Antoinette are so selflessly living on our behalf. –Dale

17 thoughts on “King Barack and Queen Mishy’s High Season Is On The Rocks”

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  2. That is great! Let’s get him out of our house soon with Dr.Kate’s STOP THEM COLD!! Sept. 6-9th in DC!

  3. Obama only wanted the presidency as a step up to his real ambition. He desires to be the king or president of the first global world order. In the interim he would like to preside over the UN.

    This is imo one reason why he does nothing that a president is supposed to do, and he and his wife hop over to Europe as often as they can. I think this is one reason she vacationed in Spain instead of spending those
    dollars in the USA. With the economy in the shape that it is it is disgusting that our tax dollars helped her promote her ego trip.


    where you come up with these awesome photos
    Obama’s profile pics… they are just priceless. this one I’d like to spread around on your behalf. you have outdone yourself this time…. priceless..

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