Dear Republicans: Embrace Your Inner “No” And Pick A REAL FIGHT!

(THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY…If you agree, please send it on to your representatives.)

For some 18 months we have had to suffer unheard agonies as the Obama administration mimics the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich through use of the Nike slogan, “Just do it”.  We have had to helplessly watch him and his thugs make Congress irrelevant through czars and executive orders.   We have had to experience the gut-wrenching torture of watching him sign away our childrens’ financial future, American sovereignty, capitalism, states’ rights, transparency, legalize and legitimize slavery (Obamacare), appoint global socialists with an agenda, and all the while, spending our money lavishly, playing golf, taking vacations, bowing, and apologizing to our enemies.

When will ‘Enough Be Enough’?

Dear Republicans; it is time to embrace your inner “NO”



The Republicans have been labeled as the the Party of No by the liberal left of the Democratic Party, (…embrace it).

They have been lambasted as not having any ideas to get us out of the mess that George Bush and those same republicans created, (…apologize for it, beg for forgiveness).

They have been treated like the poor beggar relative that needs to shut up and be shut away, (…stop bowing your heads).

Every time the Republicans come forward with an idea looking for bipartisan support, the demons and the media bury the story, put forward their own progressive plan for social change, and call the Republicans the Party of No, (…embrace it).

The Republican Party is at more of a crossroads than the Democratic Party.  The Dems have been totally absorbed by the progressive global socialists.  Their cause is now lost.  Some of their compliment may even join you.

The Republicans are now required to embrace their inner “NO”, bring that voice to the forefront loud and clear, and become proudly the PARTY OF HELL NO!

History is now calling to you to stop WEEPING IN THE WINGS and PICK A REAL FIGHT!

  • Hell NO to shaming Americans with Washington’s treatment of our SACRED Constitution.
  • Hell NO to bending and twisting the Constitution to fit an agenda.
  • Hell NO to the liberty killing Patriot Act!
  • Hell No to being associated and/or collaborate with the party that labels everybody who opposes their agenda as racist.
  • Hell NO to the most opaque and corrupt Federal Administration EVER!
  • Hell NO to a political ruling class of elites.
  • Hell No to selling our descendants into financial indentured servitude with insane spending.
  • Hell NO to passing bills that are thousands of pages long and have not been read by lawmakers.
  • Hell NO to allowing the Federal Reserve’s continued existence when they have proven that they have reduced the value of the dollar by 95% since it’s institution and have created more financial instability than they have solved.
  • Hell NO to the United Nations. Get them OUT of our country, their plan to collapse American Sovereignty, and their globalist wealth redistribution with them.
  • Hell NO to monetizing the debt and collapsing the country under interest payments to a private banking cartel that IS creating a bankrupt America at the globalists’ bidding.
  • Hell NO to raising taxes at a time when the nation’s throat has been slit and is bleeding out.
  • Hell NO to confirming known activist judges for life terms on the Supreme Court.
  • Hell NO to continued government absorption of the private sector economy.
  • Hell NO to public sector job creation.
  • Hell NO to leaving the security of the Nation to an administration that is using the border for political reasons.
  • Hell NO to allowing lawmakers continued re-election for DECADES. Term limits required.
  • Hell NO to continuing a progressive tax system that is stealing American’s life essence and leaving our children penniless.
  • Hell NO to handcuffing our military with suicidal rules of non-engagement.
  • Hell NO to the slavery of Obamacare.
  • Hell NO to ultimate ‘Big Brother’ control of Financial Regulation Reform.
  • Hell NO to the poverty of Cap and Trade.
  • Hell NO to confirming presidential appointees that choose not to pay their taxes.
  • Hell NO to voting against your constitutents’ wishes.
  • Hell NO to patronizing and condescending to voters.
  • Hell NO to warrant-less wiretapping.
  • Hell NO to indefinite and uncharged detention.
  • Hell NO to authorized assassinations of Americans suspected of terrorism.
  • Hell NO to associating with known terrorists groups.
  • Hell NO to a Freakin’ Mosque at Ground Zero.  Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?
  • Hell NO to government absorption of the Internet.
  • Hell NO to the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare because of mismanagement of funds.
  • Hell NO to leaving the borders open.
  • Hell NO to illegal alien (criminals) amnesty.
  • Hell NO to feeding your friends and starving the populace.
  • Hell NO to progressive think tanks writing bills for lawmakers.
  • Hell NO to the media monopoly of SIX CORPORATIONS owning all the press and telling us what to think.

…and on and on and on.

History has been crying out and is now screaming to you, Republicans. It is time for you to stand as statesmen, feel that moment of time suspended in flux where your decisions will turn a nation back to liberty.  Take that breath, face your fear…Pick The Fight.

It is time to feel the power of making the decision, throwing caution to the wind, and saying ‘NO’ Like.You.Mean.It!

Embrace a new name and a new direction.

It can no longer be ‘business as usual’ with a twist.


(and I mean PICK THE FIGHT; not looking at your shoes while whining and whimpering).

Is it not time to feel the power of moving the nation forward, changing your name to the American Sovereignty Party, making a clean break from the progressives, letting Americans know who you really are, where you really stand, and doing something that has not been done in 234 years?

You will be amazed at how much support you receive from the American public.

Michele, Jim, Paul, Allen?  Anybody Listening? Anybody Out There?

By Logistics Monster


  • AMEN!!!!!!

    The time is long past due to take a stand, stand up to these odious thugs and JUST FREAKING SAY NO!!!

  • It starts with some “leader” stepping up to a microphone and saying, “Mr. Obama, in January 2009 we made a mistake, we failed to fulfill our Constitutional obligation to examine your eligibility, as we knew at that time, from your book that you were an admitted “dual citizen” and we clearly knew as stated in Senate Resolution 511 which was passed 4-30-08, that the definition of a “natural born citizen” was “born to American citizens”. We failed our Constitution and the American People as we deprived them of their Constitutional right to vote for an eligible candidate. While it is already 18 months into the term, and many things have happened that may have to be corrected, it is never too late to stand and defend the Constitution and uphold our own Oaths of Office. That being said, Mr. Obama, show us your birth documents or vacate the White House immediately.!”

    • THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Set the Dems and the fascists on their backsides by doing something so courageous as to state, “we bleeped up and now we are going to fix it.”

      I’m not holding me breath though.

  • Well, well, well, D.C. has finally shown up to read this article. Maybe, just maybe, somebody is paying attention.

    I want to know why you folks are pulling the FOIA/SEC bull**** out of the Financial Reform Law instead of REPEALING THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ THING? WTF?


    • They are cornered and they know it, this is a new experience for them and they do not know what to do.

      Same story as the schoolyard bully , stand up to them and they are clueless as how to respond. The closer the election comes the more they are opening their eyes and they are petrified as to what is coming their way.

      They have tried all the usual tricks and we just won’t go away, and they are going to having a lot of company come the end of August into September. I guess all of those visitors won’t be seen, just like last September.

      No we have not forgotten and in the past year the DC crowd has just fueled the fire, time to put up or be ready to start boxing up, once your coward behinds are voted out.

  • I’m listening, Diamind, and am getting into fighting mode.

    • Glad to see you out and about Lee.

      I don’t think the Republicans even understand at this point or I wouldn’t have had to write this.

  • Dwight Reagan -

    Hell No To Reliving The 1930s Nazi Germany here in America So its Hell No Never Again Obama We Won then And We Shall Win Again

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