Democrat Pollster, Pat Caddell Is Watching The Tsunami Form

Pat Caddell being interviewed on America Live, 8.5.2010, has been watching the polls and is predicting a tsunami in November, and believes the democrats in Washington are kidding themselves.  He sees some polls as being ‘pre-revolutionary’ (only 21% of Americans believe the government is operating with the consent of the people), and that the Democratic Party “has essentially been hijacked by an educated, over-educated elite group who basically don’t care about the people who constitute the Democratic Party.”  Yes, Pat; they are called global progressives and they have waited a very long time to go for the brass ring.  This patriot hopes they keep pushing forward as they will be choking on their agenda in just a few short months…

Pat?  Welcome to the American Sovereignty Party!!

Patriots! You are making a difference! You are not alone! Pass this video on!

By Logistics Monster


  • The biggest problem with the Progressives aka Democratic party is they are educated beyond their intelligence. They believe they are the answer and no matter what it is going to be what they want.

    Whether you agree with the ban on gay marriage in California or not it was voted on by the people, so why is it a Progressive judge can just dismiss the wishes of the voters? It is because they just do not care what the voters think and these judges have carefully been placed over decades to be in the position to overrule the votes of millions of people. Those who are dismissing the voters had better be updating their resumes as they are going to find themselves unemployed and I doubt seriously that any one of them will find themselves overqualified for too many positions.

  • Awesome. We are not working in vain. We will prevail. If not, president Mudflaps will be president of the world. He already is. He’s president of the UN isn’t he? Is that why the congress cronies think his BC is not an issue? Thinking that eventually he’ll be king of the world?
    Imagine that, he’s moving in to erase the borders already!? He’s insane. American will become a third world country overnight and I don’t mean maybe, if we allow the entire population of a failed country (Mexico) to come into the country and take over.

    • That’s the idea Ogee. The globalists are erasing everybody’s borders, but if you take America down first – nobody else will fight.

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