You Are Invited! National Tea Party Tele-Townhall: 8.9.2010

Members of Congress and Michele Bachmann are extending an invitation to you; America, to a tele-townhall over Pelosi’s special session of the U.S. House to pass a $26 BILLION union pension bill next week.  The link to sign up is further down in the following article.

Michele Bachmann Launches National Tea Party Tele-Townhall

Bachmann Calls for Nancy Pelosi To Enter 12 Step Program For Her Addiction To Job-Killing Spending

With Nancy Pelosi’s declaration that Congress will be reconvening to authorize billions of dollars of spending the government doesn’t have, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced she will be holding a National Tea Party Tele-Townhall to listen to the response of the American people.

“Nancy Pelosi has already spent over $3.6 trillion on so-called ‘stimulus’ spending and now she wants to give in excess of $20 billion to politicians to spend on even more big government,” Congresswoman Bachmann said. “She is clearly addicted to spending other people’s money and is rushing members of Congress back to Washington to get a spending fix.  Could it be she wanted to ensure she has distributed taxpayer-subsidized ‘walking around money’ to public employee unions across the country prior to the election to desperately try to save her already endangered majority?  The same public employee unions which will provide the boots on the ground to re-elect a Democrat majority in the mid-term elections, where Speaker Pelosi’s grip on the gavel is in serious doubt?”

“After only a few days away from D.C., Democrats in Congress are determined to not let even a week go by without spending additional billions of dollars for even more big government programs.  That’s why I’ll be joining with other leaders to hold a National Tea Party Tele-Townhall to listen to Americans who have had enough of the out-of-control spending and endless tax increases.”

People interested in participating in the National Tea Party Tele-Townhall on Monday, August 9 at 6 pm central – the same time Pelosi will be convening Congress  – can sign up on .  Over one million people will be invited to participate, and is expected to be the largest tele-townhall ever held by members of Congress.

By Logistics Monster


  • Elena Kagan didn’t seem to have any trouble being confirmed, despite her involvement with Obama’s Birth Certificate broo ha ha. Or maybe, as you say, Tiger, her involvement might just be the reason that she was chosen by him in the first place. I was surprised that some Republicans crossed the line, but I don’t know why since more of them are caving in on other matters.

    Just lump them in with Bill O’Reilly. As of late he seems to be sucking up to Obama. I haven’t watched much tv in the past year, but right now I have a lot of time on my hands and have been paying more attention to the so-called show hosts. I’m very disappointed in O’Reilly and will cross him off my list of the good guys.

    If Justice Breyer resigns as he has intimated, in the time slot that he announced, and Ruth Ginsburg should have more health problems, it is conceivable that Obama could have two more appointees during his first term.

    My brain is a little scrambled right now, but the whole picture is very scary to me.

    • O’Reilly is a tool. I’m glad you aren’t watching him anymore.

      Please don’t scare me anymore than I already am…two more years of this asshat and two more global activist judges. I may need my puke-bucket right now just thinking about it.

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