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Please consider throwing $5 or $10 into the jar for the time spent researching the bad guys and bringing that information to the net.  The Dark Side has sent a speed bump the Monster’s way and the delicate financial balance I have been maintaining while awaiting the renewed ‘American Spirit’ that the November elections will bring has been decimated.

Logistics Monster needs your support.  If you find the information in the posts and pages of value, (and from what I have seen from the linkage, you obviously do), please donate to keep the site going, and the Monster in electricity.

Many mahalos to the Monster’s sponsors who continue to support this site in these upside-down times!

5 thoughts on “Tip The Monster”

  1. Dear Luz: I love your website. I am happy to read your articles and agree with you that the Republicans must start fighting HARDER. Please think of sending that article to each Republican politician because they are the ones who need to read it most. God bless you and God bless America.

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