Glenn Beck, 8.3.2010: Arrogant Politicians Flaunt Their Aristocracy (All Men Are Created Equal?)

Glenn covers the arrogance of the politicians who now openly show that they own you with their attitudes and words, and then Glenn proceeded to give me the shock of my life when he actually exposed a fact about Theodore Roosevelt that few know and I NEVER expected him to tell a major American television audience. Yes, Theodore Roosevelt was one of the first progressives and an avid eugenicist. I can’t wait to see if Beck lets his audience know about Andrew Carnegie, John Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes, etc., etc., etc.   As soon as I can ascertain a way to pull just some of the threads I have found together in a manner that everyone can follow, I will start posting…

To see the entire show, go here.

By Logistics Monster


  • Hey Diamond Girl,

    Thanks as always for putting the facts out there for all the world to see! Site looks beautiful btw! Awesome job, 24/7!

    Hey everybody who checks in here, how about throwing some donations in the jar, this journalist works harder than Glenn Beck and, unlike Glenn, bless his heart, does not have to answer to ANYONE–not Rupert, not the FOX part-ownership-Saudis, not the Fascists–NO one, so her reporting is right out there, in-your-face TRUTH!!

    Oh, about that eugenics thingy…yes, I believe it’s true…all those folks abovementioned went a lot more sub rosa with a lot more undercurrent than the popular narrative led us to believe…but then…so did Lincoln and a few others…

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