Glenn Beck, 7.28.2010: Weather Underground Then And Now; The Plan, Part 2

Glenn continues the breakdown of the WU’s manifesto, ‘Prairie Fire’, found here, but starts the show with the new secrecy rules written into the Fin Reg bill protecting the SEC from FOIA requests by people like you and I.

Part 1 of The Plan can be found here.

Watch this show in it’s entirety later today at

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    ?????????????,crickets…………….coyote……………….when is it going to happen?what will it take?just how much paxil (flouride)is in the water?
    stop watchin tv,stop shopping at the local mall and git pissed?
    when all this is over,the people who sat on their asses will be as guilty as the politicans!Who will YOU be ?

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