AYFKM? Kyrsten Sinema Wants To Further The Pink Unicorn Agenda With Better Messaging

I just could not let AZ State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s interview at Netroots 2010 to fly under the radar.  Please take the time to listen to this entire piece of condescension because I have a question for Arizonans.

Arizona?  Would you please do the rest of the country a massive favor and NOT allow this woman to get any farther in her political career.  She is currently running for your state senate with the next big step either to governor or to the United States Congress.

When this chick grows up, she wants to be Nancy Pelosi furthering the progressive agenda by better communicating their message to us open-mouth breathing revenue streams.  I have no idea how folks speak to their family members, but I wouldn’t insult my dog by talking to him the way she speaks during this interview.  Come to think of it, I think my dog is actually smarter…

Remember America (in relation to comprehensive immigration reform):

…and be careful because if you are laying down on the job, your state could turn into Arizona pretty quickly…”

Arizona State Representative Kyrsten Sinema (Phoenix) talks about how the state came to pass its controversial immigration law and why that should be a warning for progressives to be on the watch so other states don’t do the same thing.  She spoke with The UpTake at Netroots Nation 2010 in Laas Vegas Nevada.

Arizona?  Are you honored or embarrassed that this is a representative to your state legislature with her sites on senate?

(UPDATED: H/T RedLemur)

By Logistics Monster


  • NormaJean -

    Someone should inform this twit there is more to the English language than the typical sound bites/talking points reiterated over and over again. These brainless infusions who continue with the same old, same old rhetoric. Does anyone else feel like pulling their hair??
    How did she ever advance…come on people, do your homework!

  • Who the heck is this kid???? Her immaturity, myopia and superficiality is manifest all over her and her comments. Good heaven is THIS what education does for our youth???? I suggest to shut down the colleges and universities if that’s the best they can do.

    How did she get elected in AZ????????????????

  • oh dear…this is too sad. just look into the eyes of this poor, deluded woman; there is absolutely NOTHING going on in there…dull, duller, dullest.

    Thank god for Jan Brewer, she’s got more backbone than any 100 politicians…or 1,000…

    As for the poor Kristin Simpleton, I mean Sinema…god help us all.

  • My god, the word ‘Twit’ doesn’t even begin to accurately describe the handicap under which this brainless babe operates. The only thing really shocking is that she got herself elected in AZ.

    So…how soon is her term up…and who’s running against her…?

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