First Oral Arguments Against Obamacare Heard Today, 7.21.2010

On March 21st, the traitors in Congress told the American public to sit down, shut up, and eat gruel like good little revenue streams when they shoved Obamacare across the finish line all the while lying about promising cost savings, lower taxes, deficit neutral mana from heaven, and the winning lottery numbers.  Chairman Zero proceeded to sign Pelosi and Reid’s shameless atrocity into law and before the ink was dry, the Thomas More Law Center had once again stood up for the American People when they filed suit against the federal government on the unconstitutionality of this law.

Obama’s DoJ came back with the commerce clause argument.

Washington — Critics who allege that Congress overstepped the U.S. Constitution by requiring Americans to carry health insurance are “flatly wrong,” the Obama administration said Wednesday in its first court defense of the landmark health care law.

Congress acted well within its power to regulate interstate commerce and to provide for the general welfare, Justice Department lawyers argued in a 46-page brief filed in federal district court in Detroit. For the courts to overturn President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation would amount to unwarranted interference with the policymaking authority of Congress, they added.

A few days ago, Bambi and crew realized that the commerce clause two-step was not going to fly so they changed their tune and started using the “Congress can tax” part of the founding documents for cover.

Today the first oral arguments on the Constitutional challenge of this law will be heard in a federal district court by Judge George C. Steeh.

Federal Judge to Hear Arguments Tomorrow on Constitutionality of Obamacare

ANN ARBOR, MI – Federal District Court Judge George C. Steeh, agreeing “that a prompt resolution of the constitutional issue would serve the public interest,” will hear oral arguments on the merits of the case challenging ObamaCare on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 9:30 AM.

Judge Steeh ordered the consolidation of the Thomas More Law Center’s motion for a Preliminary Injunction to prevent enforcement of ObamaCare with trial on the merits.

[Click here to read Order].

“The significance of this court hearing cannot be overstated,” said Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center.  The hearing will take place in Judge Steeh’s courtroom located in the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse in Detroit.

Moments after President Obama signed the health care bill into law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), on March 23, 2010, the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and co-counsel Washington, D.C. lawyer David Yerushalmi filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the Law Center and four Michigan residents who object to being forced by the federal government to purchase health care or face a federal penalty.  The basis for the lawsuit and the motion is that Congress exceeded its authority under the Commerce Clause by mandating that private citizens purchase health care coverage or face a penalty.

Stay Tuned…Meanwhile, hit the link and support the Thomas More Law Center.

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By Logistics Monster


  • Yes, this is why we got to hear during the first part of this week that the “Individual Mandate” is indeed a tax. But that’s not how it was portrayed, and there is video of the President claiming it’s not a tax. Recording devices they are so unhelpful 🙂

    The Individual Mandate is at the Core of this legislation, and it’s not a tax. It’s not collected or withheld from anyone’s paycheck. Our Government doesn’t send us a your Individual Mandate Tax is due in the mail with a notice of how much, and when the payment is due. However they have stated that the IRS is going to collect “Penalties” & “Fines” how can the IRS fine us for something that they have no apparatus of collecting from us in the first place?

    The Progressives are going to get burned on this one. Even Dr Howard Dean (D) stated that the Individual Mandate needs to be struck from the bill. If the Individual Mandate is the lynch pin to the Legislation it all falls apart, and the Progressives know it.

    Grabbing Power is one thing, holding on to Power is a whole other story.

    I Can See November From My House.

  • red lemur -

    here’s a question? where is fox news on this or is it sooo important to keep playing the usda story over and over?keep reading the monster!

  • I just hope the cameras are rolling when the Democrats start eating each other’s intestines.

  • granny gripes -

    .. spine up everyone you know and or can reach… if you think it you can say it…
    Hop on to your candidate’s fb pages or campaign sites… DEMAND thaty they pledge to … REPEAL … REPEAL … REPEAL… every single one of these life destroying bills, mandates..etc.

    Ask them to make the pledge on billboards across this nation… WE ARE SERIOUS……

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