And So The Contraction That Obamacare Promised Begins

A few of my readers know the mandated health insurance here in Hawaii has caused major problems for patients, doctors, and small businesses (even though the NY Times would like you believe that it is the most wonderful thang since sliced bread).

A few health insurance companies have a monopoly on coverage, employers are required to pay for health insurance for employees working 20 hours or more (so they have many part-time workers to stay afloat), there is no such thing as tort reform, and doctors are leaving the islands (especially the Big Island) because of the high cost of lawsuits and the reimbursement rates are so low.  An added benefit to the health insurance law is that dependents aren’t covered at all; the cost is completely out of pocket to the employee.  I just loved turning all my paychecks back over to my boss to cover my son’s insurance.

Dr.  John Bellatti, 10.15.2008:

My son is ten and has not seen a pediatrician since our move to Hawaii, our family has no general practitioner, and I have not seen a doctor regularly for over three years because they keep moving back to the mainland and the few that remain aren’t seeing new patients.

Here is your future America! Welcome to Obamacare where coverage and care goes in the toilet, and your taxes go up.

Changing Stance, Administration Now Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax

WASHINGTON — When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax. But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the government’s “power to lay and collect taxes.”

And that power, they say, is even more sweeping than the federal power to regulate interstate commerce.

Administration officials say the tax argument is a linchpin of their legal case in defense of the health care overhaul and its individual mandate, now being challenged in court by more than 20 states and several private organizations.

Under the legislation signed by President Obama in March, most Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014. Many people will be eligible for federal subsidies to help them pay premiums.

When I lost my job last year, my son and I lost our coverage.  I guess it’s not a big deal though, without a job, I couldn’t cover the cost of the flights to Oahu for care.

And then there is Massachusetts’ great idea to provide universal health coverage. Thanks Mitt!

Firms cancel health coverage

With cost rising, small companies turning to state

The relentlessly rising cost of health insurance is prompting some small Massachusetts companies to drop coverage for their workers and encourage them to sign up for state-subsidized care instead, a trend that, some analysts say, could eventually weigh heavily on the state’s already-stressed budget.

Since April 1, the date many insurance contracts are renewed for small businesses, the owners of about 90 small companies terminated their insurance plans with Braintree-based broker Jeff Rich and indicated in a follow-up survey that they were relying on publicly-funded insurance for their employees.

In Sandwich, business consultant Bill Fields said he has been hired by small businesses to enroll about 400 workers in state-subsidized care since April, because the company owners said they could no longer afford to provide coverage. Fields said that is by far the largest number he has handled in such a short time.

“They are giving up out of frustration,’’ Fields said of the employers. “Most of them are very compassionate but they simply can’t afford health insurance any more.’’

Precisely how many small businesses have recently given up offering insurance is hard to pinpoint. The Office of Labor and Workforce Development said the most recent quarterly insurance data collected from small companies has not been compiled.

But insurance brokers say the pace of terminations has picked up considerably since then among small companies, of which there are thousands in Massachusetts. Many of these companies — restaurants, day-care centers, hair salons, and retail shops — typically pay such low wages that their workers qualify for state-subsidized health insurance when their employers drop their plans.

“Those employers are trying to keep their doors open, and to the extent they can cut expenses, they will cut health insurance because they know their people can go to Commonwealth Care,’’ said Mark Gaunya, president of the Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters, a trade group representing more than 1,000 brokers and other insurance professionals.

And the 40% of the population that doesn’t want to repeal this POS law the first chance we get thought the insurance companies were going to be put in their place….hahahahahahahahaha.

Insurers Push Plans Limiting Patient Choice of Doctors

As the Obama administration begins to enact the new national health care law, the country’s biggest insurers are promoting affordable plans with reduced premiums that require participants to use a narrower selection of doctors or hospitals.

The plans, being tested in places like San Diego, New York and Chicago, are likely to appeal especially to small businesses that already provide insurance to their employees, but are concerned about the ever-spiraling cost of coverage.

But large employers, as well, are starting to show some interest, and insurers and consultants expect that, over time, businesses of all sizes will gravitate toward these plans in an effort to cut costs.

The tradeoff, they say, is that more Americans will be asked to pay higher prices for the privilege of choosing or keeping their own doctors if they are outside the new networks. That could come as a surprise to many who remember the repeated assurances from President Obama and other officials that consumers would retain a variety of health-care choices.

By Logistics Monster


  • If you believed Obama’s BS, you deserve to fall hard when you realize you been had, sucka. This fruitcake has made a living so far by doing the rope a dope. He says whatever is politically expedient at the time. Then, during the afternoon, he reverses himself and says you have to pay more, ‘cuz you screwed up, never him. But, more and more people are now starting to hear and read that the voters caused this by voting for the hope and change fool. Arguably, blacks will vote for this oaf until hell freezes over, their votes are cast in concrete for their Savior. These people would never listen to Thomas Sowell or the great economist who substitutes on the Rush Limbaugh show, a man,a real man, of color. Blacks are a special class in America and the more informed amongst them realize the torturous path Obama has led them on. Yet, blacks don’t realize, yet, that Obama throws EVERYBODY under the bus sooner or later. Ha, they are next to go under the bus, count on it. Obama appears nonchalant when told his party may lose Senate and House. Ho hum, sayeth Obama. Like, who cares, it’s all about him, the Messiah. It’s always been about him, always will be. Well, the Kenyan is coming to his judgment day and I hope those of us who want this country to prosper can and will reject him and his ilk. Obama is a very evil, very malignant ideologue, but as most dictators realize, people are often poorly informed and vote for demagogues without realizing they are leading them to hell. Democrats have played their cards well, even braying donkeys like Biden and the fat headed John Larson from Connecticut. Yeah, they buy into Obama’s malarkey because they don’t want to be unemployed. What a great system we have here.
    Hawaii, a great state and magnificent example of nature par excellence, is sinking like a stone. What a tragedy, but this was all realized some time ago when people could reason. Now, the fool on the Hill makes mandates the law of the land. What a pathetic excuse for a leader. All hail the Presidunce.

  • I had to shut down my companies insurance bennies because the cost kept going up and since my unemployment insurance went up 600 freaking % in one year. The dingbats in charge have no idea how the food chain works. Wanna recovery???? Take off these damn handcuffs, and quit kicking me in the ribs…I wanna hire more folks but geesh!!!!!!!

  • red lemur -

    wow tie it all together,obamacare,un,who,codex alimentarius,monsantos gmo food,chem trails,,,most of us wont even have to worry about health care!

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