Day: July 18, 2010

More Behavior Modification Coming To The Herds

(I want to thank reader BB for introducing me to two blogs that are worthy of your time; and Ah, the liberal secondary education system at work.  It appears that the speaker in this video, Jesse Schell, believes that our society is moving toward a 'game point' system that will reward us for better behavior.  Mr. Schell is a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University, CEO of Schell Games who is currently working on an online multiplayer game for 'The Mummy', and former manager and designer at Disney. All the same names still working toward the same direction...'making people better'. …
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And So The Contraction That Obamacare Promised Begins

A few of my readers know the mandated health insurance here in Hawaii has caused major problems for patients, doctors, and small businesses (even though the NY Times would like you believe that it is the most wonderful thang since sliced bread). A few health insurance companies have a monopoly on coverage, employers are required to pay for health insurance for employees working 20 hours or more (so they have many part-time workers to stay afloat), there is no such thing as tort reform, and doctors are leaving the islands (especially the Big Island) because of the high cost of…
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