Frank Luntz On The 2010 Midterm Elections, 7.9.2010

Tucker Carlson interviews Frank Luntz about the spin that the pResident is trying to achieve ahead of the midterm elections with a most revealing statement about the epic change coming.

Tucker, the numbers are overwhelming. You know I polled in 1994. I was involved with the Contract with America. I will tell you that on every single statistical measurement, the Democrats are in more trouble today than they were in July of 1994 when they lost control of the House and Senate.

Tucker’s response is priceless…

By Logistics Monster


  • DaddysDarlin -

    I volunteer to give Obama the ass whippin of his life, and I am sure there are about 18 million more that agree with me! All we Americans have is two more long years to wait this fraud out, unless of course we decide to impeach him before then. I pray our country can withstand the firestorm Obama and this cronies are planning for us, how much more can they do to destroy our country? Much much more to be sure. I can hardly wait until November, I want to see the looks on those democrats faces when the people have spoken. I can hardly wait to see how many of my fellow Americans show up for the march on Washington November 2, and the looks on the faces of those who swore to uphold our beloved Constitution, when the rug is pulled out from under them. Perhaps after the elections they will understand what we mean by you weren’t listening to us, you never voted the way your constituents instructed you to vote and had you done so, we wouldn’t be in the bloody mess were in. Obama needs to quit blaming the republicans and the Bush administration and start getting some damn work done. It will get Obama nowhere to blame the Bush administration, the democrats own the house and senate, so whats holding Obama back from doing any damn thing he wants to do, instead he chooses to do nothing and blame Bush. Unbelievable. Obama is a one term president, and had our delegates and super delegates voted the way their individual states instructed them to do, Hillary would be president. Now as our country awaits another two years of Obama, Hillary is making her plans to sit in the oval office where she should have been two years ago. We need Hillary in the White House, and by God if Obama tries cheating again we will be waiting for him and his new black panthers! Voter intimidation will not happen in 2012, just try it Obama, the American citizens are watching you, and will be watching the names your friends bring in as new voter registrations. No dogs, no dead people, none of the crap you pulled last time. Throwing out Hillary’s votes and calling in the wrong tallies, the American people are on to you. Fraud, cheater, scam artist, America hating Muslim! That’s Obama.

    • I agree with everything but Hillary in office. Sorry – she’s more of a game playing global socialist than Obama. At this point, we have very few options among the potential candidates out there. I am still behind Lt. Col. Allen West because I know he wouldn’t sign the UN small arms treaty that Obama and Hillary have said they would sign.

      The 2nd amendment is all we have left right now.

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