Glenn covers how Obama believes that the spending spree needs to continue while Europe is having a lucid moment and is attempting to scale back throwing obscene amounts of money at anything that moves.  He also shows that someone very similiar to Obama advised in the ’40’s to do exactly what Obama is proposing; how nobody followed that advice, and how the expected depression never materialized because republicans took control of Congress.

He then takes a maneuver right out of Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” playbook to show the hockey stick graph of GDP growth since the 1800’s (starting in America) compared to the previous 6,000 years of global poverty.

Glenn also covers the possible reason behind Obama’s apparent disrespect for our allies, Britain and Israel, going back to his British grandfather who was brutally tortured by the Brits while Kenya was still a British colony.

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I personally say, “let Obama do his worst”, Americans will set aright whatever situation the Merry Marxist and his band subject us to; it’s just a case of how messy is it going to be. Most of us have NEVER seen anything like the power struggle now occurring between the communists and the global elites, but rest assured – there ARE more of us than either of those two factions, AND WE ARE NOW MORE AWAKE THAN EVER BEFORE (just ask Brzezinski – see video below).  Obama has created a “Never Forget” moment for the majority of Americans.

CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening

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