Elena Kagan: Of Course A SC Nominee Should Be A Globalist Lawyer

(Editor’s Note:  I am bumping this post up because of the relevance considering the hearings.)

Thankfully, organizations with the proper resources are vetting these global progressives. Kagan is as dangerous to the continued Constitutional freedoms we are rapidly losing as Sonja Sotormayor and her love of Norman Mattoon Thomas – six time Socialist presidential candidate that finally stopped running because the dems were getting the job done.

As Dean, Elena Kagan Moved Harvard Away From Requiring Law Students to Study Constitutional Law

(CNSNews.com) – Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, is best known for moving Harvard Law School away from the 100-year old “case-law method” of legal study.

But in the process, critics say, she moved the nation’s premier law school away from requiring the study of constitutional law towards the study of the laws of foreign nations and international law. (emphasis mine)

As dean, Kagan won approval from the faculty in 2006 to make major changes to the Harvard Law’s curricula.

“My understanding is that she instituted three new courses to the required curriculum and, in so doing, got rid of a requirement to take constitutional law,” Robert Alt, senior legal fellow and deputy director of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, told CNSNews.com.

“Currently, at Harvard, constitutional law is not required for first-year law students, or even for graduation,” Alt added.

Indeed, according to Harvard documents, constitutional law is not listed among the law school’s academic requirements, though the catalogue for 2010-2011 does list more than a dozen elective courses dealing with some form of constitutional law.

But in a 2006 Harvard news release explaining the changes, Kagan explained the move away from constitutional law was deliberate: “From the beginning of law school, students should learn to locate what they are learning about public and private law in the United States within the context of a larger universe — global networks of economic regulation and private ordering, public systems created through multilateral relations among states, and different and widely varying legal cultures and systems.

“Accordingly, the Law School will develop three foundation courses, each of which represents a door into the global sphere that students will use as context for U.S. law,” the guide said.

Among the three new required courses Kagan introduced, one focuses on public international law, involving treaties and international agreements, and the second is on international economic law and complex multinational financial transactions, according to a Harvard news release.

But the third course, on comparative law, “will introduce students to one or more legal systems outside our own, to the borrowing and transmission of legal ideas across borders and to a variety of approaches to substantive and procedural law that are rooted in distinct cultures and traditions,” the release said.

Make sure to go over to CNS and read the rest so you know exactly what type of SC justice the District of Criminals is going to give us next….oh, and make sure you have your bucket ready; you’ll need it.

(P.S. Does anybody know of any law or resolution that removes Sonja from the court, and Kagan after they confirm her on Constitutional grounds?)

By Logistics Monster


  • As far as I am concerned, anything done by Barack Obama or the 111th Congress is an illegal act and should be repealed immediately upon the swearing in of the 112th Congress. Anything less is an(other) act of treason.

  • GG – that is some of the finest and most succinct truth I have heard in days. Once again – Comment of the Week!

    My teeth hurt waiting for November.

  • red lemur -

    life time presidental appointment?when all this is over we the people,need to take a look at the rules on supreme court
    news flash; ALL citizens of the “world” would you please go out into the world,take your rightful place!get the f@ck out of america!your stinkin up the place!

  • Off topic…I see you are interested in Chris Christie…as a Jerseyan following his crap, I can honestly say the guy is on a vendetta against public employees. His vitriolic language and scapegoating panders to the most idiotic elements in the state (including some parents who actually say it’s the teachers/schools who should be responsible for their kids and they really don’t care to check on their darlings themselves…I swear, I read the comments at NJ.com and am stunned by the stupidity and LACK of responsibility on the part of the dumbass parents.)

    He blames public employees (who simply NEGOTIATED contracts with SOMEONE, they didn’t act alone) for the entire mess in NJ while doing nothing to consolidate the many fiefdoms that increase costs in the state. He is a liar, too…yes, they DO pay a chunk of their healthcare and pensions, there is NO free lunch. He his a coward who sends his kids to private schools and keeps the nice tax breaks for the wealthy. Meanwhile, he wants to shove about 15 new “charter schools” which will have zilch accountability into “production” by September. Meanwhile, he hires about 10 people in his office at $100,000+ and 2 aides for his wife.

    Even if towns want to raise taxes to pay for services he says NO…I didn’t know you approved of dictators ruling from on high. And guess what? Property taxes are going up, just to maintain even the newly decimated services, which was predicted!

    So, this idiot, who now has reneged on a deal his Sec. of Ed. made with the teachers about trying to apply for that CRAPPY “Race to the TOp” shit (the deal was made to at least attempt to offset the mindless dumping of teachers who have the misfortune to have classes with JACKASS kids/crappy parents and are thus don’t “merit” jobs), seems to act an awful lot like Obama!

    Christie is a fraud…a typical Republican melding very nicely into the Obama crap when it’s convenient.

    He is going to leave NJ in an even greater mess. Decimating cops, teachers, and fireman surely will help the citizens of the state…NOT!

    Adoring Republican/RW fake Tea Party/Rand Paul shit is just as crazy and adoring Democratic shit. Don’t enable the GOP. Real independents call out both.

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