Day: June 25, 2010

Gov. Jan Brewer To The pResident (VIDEO MESSAGE)

Warning signs 80 miles from the border and just 30 miles from the city limits of Phoenix. Gov. Jan Brewer has yet another message for Barry Soetoro who did not send the troops, he had signs put up instead. In the real world which we live in, this is considered an invasion, not trespassing.   WE WILL remember the names of the congressmen and senators that do not stand up and start impeachment proceedings against the poser in the White House that has continued to show his true anti-American views through his refusal (by inaction) to stop the invasion of Mexican…
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Big Pharma About To Receive A Huge Pass With FDA Rule Change

You have three days to let the FDA and your elected representatives know that you DO NOT think it's okay for one of two directors of divisions of the FDA to have 'waiver power' to assist the vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies with fast-tracking new components for vaccines.  One person allowing a pass to Big Pharma whenever they need it.  Financial institutions are chained to the wall, the federal government tells the oil companies where they can drill, but only one person inside the FDA is required to get a 'pass' when the drug companies want to add ingredients to vaccines. …
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Financial Regulatory Reform: Add Another Law To The Repeal List!

(IF YOU ARE NOT LIVIDLY BESIDE YOURSELF, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!) Yet another compact with the darkside made in the District of Criminals. Blanche Lincoln has made a deal lessening the impact of derivative rules (you know, those pesky trades that put us in this fix) so that the financial regulation reform bill could be passed by the Senate and sent onto to Barry's desk. LISTEN UP! This is the bill that creates two new federal agencies, one of which gathers financial intelligence on what appears to be every single person who has a financial transaction in America and…
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