Peggy West: Mental Midget Award #1

County Supervisor of Milwaukee’s 12th District, Peggy West stating that if Arizona actually bordered Mexico (like Texas) she might rethink her position on SB1070.

Way to go Peggy!  You are the very first recipient of LM’s Mental Midget Award which qualifies you for a cabinet position in Obama’s administration.  Good Luck!

Milwaukee?  Are You Awake Yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • Peggy West , product of public education, like really Arizona borders Mexico, when did that happen. I guess the fact that Barry has given part of Arizona to the drug cartel has not made news in Milwaukee.

  • LogisticsMonster -

    I know there are people in Wisconsin that read…just not this twit.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    Oh, HELP!
    I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry!
    These people think they can spew out any kind of nonsense and call it good! No need to research… need to tell the truth……no need to have half a brain!!! Is this woman for real? First of all, how does one not know that Arizona borders Mexico and hold her position? O’k……so geography is not her strong point. I’d say her strong point is being irrelevant, not to mention stupid and arrogant.

  • Logistics Monster -

    I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! They are making themselves irrelevant when they keep spouting absolute stupidity and ignorance. Does this woman have ANY CREDIBILITY with ANYBODY now? I mean really?

    You can thank Obama and the leftist media for giving permission to dems to say what they really think and show us how uninformed they actually are.

  • Snarky Basterd -

    Sorry about the link issue, A. I saw you tweet her other video and watched all 15 minutes.

  • Oh please don’t judge us all by Miss Piggy- I mean Miss Peggy. (somebody from WI)

  • She says “this doesn’t make sense to me” … We KNOW that about you Peggy Sue, you rolly polly sob you. LOL

  • I guess this is what Lenon meant when he said he rules because of the ‘useful idiots’. Or was it Hitler who said that.

    It’s my hope that everyone gets a vision in their mind of the pic in the lower right whenever they see or hear about this fraud in the whitehouse.

  • LogisticsMonster -

    I’m not judging all people from Wisconsin by this twit – don’t get that idea….just that most of the people in power right now are complete morons because the saner, more educated people are busy providing for families in a way that has integrity. How’s that?

  • TexasFred -

    Calling her a *mental midget* is an insult to ALL mental midgets… This woman brings several different new layers to MORON!

  • Anonymous -

    My wife teaches 5 yr olds that know where AZ is in relationship to Mexico- unreal!!!

  • Anonymous -

    I am sorry to say that I live in WI, (not Milwaukee Co) but WI. We aren’t all this #@%^&$! stupid-!

  • clemintine -

    does anyone recognize the flag on the podium? (the one in the foreground)

  • Anonymous -

    Maybe she confused “Mexico” with “Canada”- lol because they are so close to each other! ohh wait!!! Canada ALSO shares a border with us. I have nothing- there is no defense for this stupid comment. If Milwaukee needs a village idiot, Ms. West has her resume ready!

  • LogisticsMonster -

    Guest – I live in Hawaii with Mazie, Danie, Daniel, and until recently, Neil. Don’t worry.

  • apparently her hispanic heritage and culture
    are not that important to her, being named Hispanic woman of the year and all, and she doesnt even know
    what states border mexico…or what countries border our states…whata d u m b a s s

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