Glenn covers the history of how communists and racists are working together inside the unions to alter the course of the nation.  This is a very important aspect as the research that I have been following proves that leaders of communist regimes are some of the worst offenders when it comes to racism.

One of the most startling displays is the top 100 educators in Illinois are owed $887 MILLION in Pension funds, and how union pension funds are putting Illinois alongside California on a list of “states” that are expected to default.  Other ‘states’ on the list?  Venezuela, Greece, Latvia…

You can see the entire show later tonight at PatriotsNetwork.

More info: The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

In related news, do you think the Business Roundtable has figured out that they were used by the Obama administration to help collapse the economy? They are upset that Obama is putting forward policies that are disastrous to the private sector based on information that the Business Roundtable willingly gave to him.  Nope, none of these guys figured out that you cannot trust a guy that knocks his opponents off the ballot instead of running a ‘clean’ campaign.  They thought they were dealing in good faith with a ratf***er that keeps his past hidden and his records sealed.  How did any of these guys get to be CEOs?

“We believe the cumulative effect of these proposals will help defeat the objectives we all share — reducing unemployment, improving the competitiveness of U.S. companies and creating an environment that fosters long-term economic growth,” Seidenberg wrote in a cover letter for the document, titled “Policy Burdens Inhibiting Economic Growth.” – Ivan Siedenberg – CEO, Verizon Communications


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