Day: June 22, 2010

The UN IS The Enemy

The UN is the center of the hub; they are the face of the global elites who can change a country's laws without a representative putting forward a bill or voting for it. DO NOT give me the argument that our congress has to vote for or against a treaty - look at who has the numbers right now - patriotic Americans that believe in sovereignty or global socialists that continue to fund UN missions? I will be putting up articles as they relate to the rabbit hole that I am currently investigating.  We are fighting a war for our…
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Glenn Beck, 6.22.2010: CRIME, INC., Cloward-Piven, And The Master Class

Glenn appears to be rather hot under the collar with the information that is being uncovered.    About time. He covers the next possible Cloward-Piven move to collapse the system with the oil drilling moratorium in the gulf and how it affects the entire country WHILE talking about the CRIME, INC. circle that starts and ends with George Soros. Glenn also has figured out the whole concept of the elites achieving their plan of controlling the serfs and then kicking the door shut behind them. Is it possible that he read Steven Dougherty's America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship? To see…
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