Glenn Beck, 6.21.2010: CRIME, INC. – George Soros, John Podesta, The Center For American Progress, Petrobras

Glenn brings to the surface one aspect of the corruption that bloggers have been writing about since last August – the CRIME, INC. circle between George Soros, John Podesta (Center for American Progress), John’s brother, Tony who is the BP lobbyist in D.C., Obama, Petrobras (Brazilian Oil Company), and the $2 Billion dollar loan to them last year to assist them in deepwater drilling. Obama has turned off the spigot in the gulf, yet Petrobras is set to drill even deeper than Deepwater Horizon.  (Doncha just love the internet?  This is exactly why Elena Kagan and Janet Napolitano need to shut down our means of communication and information.)

The entire show at

The original story from August, 2009 about George Soros, Obama, Petrobras and the loan.

The story from Bloomberg about CAP running the White House from 6.15.2010.

25 thoughts on “Glenn Beck, 6.21.2010: CRIME, INC. – George Soros, John Podesta, The Center For American Progress, Petrobras”

  1. Prepare yourself for the Socialist will not go quietly into the night. The Unions are Public Employes; they have fed at the well that taxes produce and they will not go quietly. The fabric of a nation is about to be torn assunder by sepearate hands, seperate desires and seprate visions. Prepare youself America: Educate, Learn but above all – Prepare for the heard days ahead for America, and possibly the world. Change is coming.


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  22. Americans are becoming bored with the ongoing experiment in Socialism, Communism, and Marxism and Islamism that Obama and ilk are pushing as a preferred way of life. It’s over Obama, it’s finally over….we don’t want you and Soros lover’s to determine our future because it means No Future, No Freedom, and No FUN!

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