The United Nations plays a massive role in the upcoming events worldwide, far beyond what you hear in the MSM.

G. Edward Griffin has some thoughts on this global governmental power-base.

In reality, the United Nations is a, the seat of what the member governments hope will become a true world government. It’s to be a government, and there is nothing inherently wrong with a world government, but we need to ask the question, “what kind of a world government is this going to be?” If the United Nations were going to be a government based on all of the things they said it was going to be; peace and prosperity and protecting individual rights, and all of these things, I think it’d be pretty hard to oppose it.  But in reality, it’s being built as an model of collectivism.

I know you have heard that word; collectivism; right here on this site when I asked the question about how many genocides the United Nations has actually stopped…zero.  Mr. Griffin explains exactly what collectivism means.

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