Freedom Watch, 6.19.2010: Beck, Stossel, BP, and The Constitution

You can watch the entire show at PatriotsNetwork.

By Logistics Monster


  • Good show!

    What’s on my mind right now is the huge US military buildup going on in the Persian Gulf. A dozen warships just moved through the Suez canal yesterday, including an Israeli ship. Such a movement hasn’t happened in decades. Is O growing a pair or is this a bluff?

  • LogisticsMonster -

    Ron – is it possible that BO would actually attack Israel?

  • No. Iran, maybe. You wouldn’t think so but it’s a possibility. Tremendous pressure is being applied by Sunni Arab states and by Israel for an attack. Lots of calls from the American right for it, too. The State Dept. is against it and the military is mixed. If Obama did go through with an attack, it would put him in a much better light as Commander in Chief going after the bad guys. If he wimps out and allows Iran to become a nuclear power, it’d be a black spot for the Dems for all time.

    My guess is that he’ll launch an attack this year with the help of Israel, France, and Britain and with the cooperation of a bunch of Arab states.

  • KenInIll -

    Thanks for the post. Wish the Judge would let folks speak a little longer. Too many topics converted to sound bites.

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