10 thoughts on “Barack’s ‘Morning After Oval Office Speech’ Bounce”

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  4. Actually if you look at the Rasmussen site, they make a point of saying that these numbers (published this morning) are based on poll taken yesterday BEFORE the speech. So it’s likely to get worse for Obama. FYI, the -20 number is the difference between “strongly approve” and “strongly disapprove” percentages. This number has been in the teens for a number of months. It might have been as high as -20 before, but yes I think it will get worse as more and more people get clear about the fact that this guy is completely unqualified to lead. Yes it will eventually come around.

  5. hogwash,what I see here is……..rich people taking care of rich people! who out their beleives 20 b will cover this?????????
    take a look at the sat.pics (top of page)
    We are not being told the TRUTH…………AND THE WORD OF THE DAY IS COLLUSION:a secret understand between two or more people,to gain something illegally,to defraud a person of their rights,or to appear as adversaries though in agreement!

  6. JAK – when I took this screenshot the story was just developing and wasn’t even on Rasmussen yet – but thanks for the update.

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