AYFKM? Obama Closes Parts Of Arizona Instead of Repelling The Invasion?

The border of Arizona is being breached by criminals with guns, and our federal government has responded by closing parts of Arizona instead of sending troops to repel the invasion?  Congressmen?  Senators?  Are you ready for a whole lotta ugly if you don’t do something about the Anointed One?

A massive stretch of Arizona is now off limits to…Americans.  Critics say the administration is, in effect, giving a major strip of the southwest back to Mexico.  US Fish and Wildlife have closed a portion of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge all along the border, warning visitors to beware of heavily armed drug smugglers and human traffickers.

(H/T KG and Gateway Pundit)

14 thoughts on “AYFKM? Obama Closes Parts Of Arizona Instead of Repelling The Invasion?”

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  13. .. everyone… link it up on fb… and web sites… comment sections… everywhere….
    email campaigns.

    GET OUT THE VOTE to elect spine willing to impeach the traitor.

  14. once again who’s side are you on mr obama
    the only legitamate job the federal government has !

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