Rick Barber; “Gather Your Armies”

Rick Barber, running in Alabama CD2, has some strong words for the current administration on the usurpation of our Constitutional rights and the stealth jihad stretching it’s tentacles across our country.

“There is a difference between tolerance and surrender”

Mr. Barber is being backed by the Alabama Tea Party, and has forced a runoff with Martha Roby who is described by local tea party activists as a RINO.

The Alabama Tea Party Express released a statement on its website Wednesday attacking Roby’s conservative credentials and her ties to the party establishment: “We aren’t telling anyone ‘what’ to do but if one is a conservative, one will be working toward getting Rick Barber, candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 2nd District into the general election in November.”

The statement attacked Roby — who had been considered a top recruit by establishment Republicans — for proposing new taxes while serving on the Montgomery City Council and for supporting a budget proposed by Rep. Bobby Bright (D) when he served as Mayor of Montgomery.

The group described Roby, who outspent Barber 7-to-1 in the primary, as a “GOP sweetheart” and a Republican in name only.

For a list of Mr. Barber’s endorsements, go here. For his take on the issues, go here.

(H/T KG)

By Logistics Monster


  • Rick Barber is too cool for words.

    How ya doin’ Diamond?

  • LogisticsMonster -

    Doing better Genie – thanks for asking. It appears that the maker of this video is the same person who did Dale Peterson’s ad.

  • I listened to Beck today; not the whole show just on my way to work. He played the Barber commercial and then proceeded to rip him up one side and down the other. Just let him have it. I was rather taken aback. Beck (and staff) didn’t seem to understand the whole picture or chose not to. JMO

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